Get your beach face on!

Summer is here and everybody is headed outside for fun activities.

Various kinds of people prefer different activities such as hiking, playing golf or simply going to amusement parks. But each of these activities has one thing in common i.e., Socks!

Read on to know the different activities you can go for this summer and what kind of socks you need for them.


Just like there are certain kind of shoes made for walking, hiking, or sports. There are socks that complement athletic activities. For example, a pair of good running socks is critical for providing endurance and comfort but may not be of much help hiking or trekking.

Socks are an essential part of our outfits that protect our feet from dirt, bruises, tanning and sprains. Wearing the right socks for your preferred activity gives you more benefits.

Read to know our top 6 picks of outdoor activities, socks that will help and why you should shop with us.

Summer socks style options

  • No-show socks: Ideal for low-cut shoes, loafers, or sneakers. No-show socks provide the best casual look since they hide behind the shoes and do not spoil the look of the outfit.

  • Ankle socks: Versatile casual and activewear socks, they are worn for any sport and any occasion. They are a little higher than no-show socks hence the name ankle socks.

Common socks feature for summer activities

Summer socks have common features that help to make sure our socks help us in hot weather conditions. Irrespective of what activity you choose, below are a few features your socks should have:

  • Moisture absorption: Socks that are summer-friendly should make sure the sweat is absorbed properly. The sweat causes the growth of microbes and causes stinky feet and infections in the foot and toenails.

  • Blister prevention: Summers cause sweaty feet and constant rubbing of the skin with socks cause blisters. Choosing the right kind of socks will help in blister prevention and reduces the risk of athlete's foot.

  • Comfort: While shopping for summer socks, keep in mind that the socks should be comfortable to wear and fit the feet well.

  • Durable: As a customer, we all want our things to be durable and run a decent course of time.

Socks for different summer activities

  • Running socks: A healthy rigorous physical activity, a good pair of running socks protect the feet. Some of the key features of good running socks are:

  • Regulation of temperature for keeping feet cool in summers

  • Reducing the growth of microbes and infections

  • Keep feet odorless

To know further about choosing the best running socks, read here.

  • Hiking socks: Spending time outdoors is what keeps some of us going. If you are someone who enjoys a hike occasionally, try matching your shoes with the right pair of socks. Trust us, it may help you go the extra mile. No kidding! If you ask us, the best pair of hiking socks should have:

  • Provide cushion to the sole for comfort and performance

  • Maintain temperature so that you do not feel cold or hot suddenly

Read further about choosing the right hiking socks here.

  • Cycling socks: Cycling is a wonderful way to become more fit and lead an active life. The socks you need should provide:

  • Feet protection for muscle soreness

  • Regulation of the temperature to maintain homeostasis

  • Decrease in the growth of microbes

  • Smoothness to avoid the risk of abrasions

Wish to know more about cycling socks and how to choose them, read here.

  • Golf socks: A perfect summer activity requires which can cause issues such as foot pain and plantar fasciitis. The socks should have:

  • A well-fitted grip to avoid sunburns and rashes

  • Slight Compression to the feet since the player is standing through the game

  • Tennis socks: Tennis is a great sport and a fun way of losing weight. If you are planning to spend some time on the courts this summer, we suggest you think about your serve as well as your tendons. Buy socks that help you with:

  • Keeping your feet dry with its breathable fabric

  • Bruises and muscle soreness by protecting feet

  • Cushion to the sole to avoid sprain and splints

  • Casual socks: Casual summer socks help you enjoy summer activities. These could be going to a picnic or visiting a museum or amusement park. For all physically less intensive activities lookout for summer socks that:

  • Keeping your feet light

  • The fit doesn't cause skin abrasions

  • The designs that look cool

Choosing the right fabric for socks

  • Wool: Considered the best and most expensive material for socks. Socks fibers are breathable, soft, non-itchy, and odor resistant. Merino wool preserves heat when wet. It is the perfect material for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and snowboarding.

  • Polyester: Nylon and acrylic fibers are polyesters that are blended to make cushioned, supportive, durable and moisture-absorbing socks.

  • Natural Fiber: Bamboo, wool, and cotton are known as natural fibers. Regular everyday cotton socks are thinner and keep water which can lead to skin irritation and fungal infections.

Bamboo fiber socks are the most beneficial. They are soft, durable, thermoregulatory socks that absorb your sweat and keep your feet dry reducing the risk of infections on the feet.

Features that we have covered

We, at Talkingsox, have got you covered. For all the above summer activities we bring to you a design and technology so innovative that it gives you a one-stop solution. You do not have to look for different socks for your preferred activities.

Shop with us and wear our socks anywhere, anytime and believe us you will not regret it.

Our range of bamboo fiber socks provides:

  • Moisture-wicking technology: Socks made of bamboo fiber have moisture-wicking technology that absorbs sweat and moisture from the feet. The microscopic holes of the fiber provide excellent ventilation that keeps your feet dry and fresh for longer periods.

  • Temperature regulation: The temperature regulating properties of bamboo fiber help maintain the temperature of the feet. It keeps your feet warm in winter and sweat-free and fresh in summer.

  • Protection of feet: Bamboo fiber has a higher thread count and acts as a protective shield between the feet and the shoes.

  • Blister prevention: Bamboo sock is super soft and reduces the risk of blisters and abrasions caused when rough socks rub against the skin.

  • Odor-resistant: The sweat developed on the feet gives rise to the bacteria that causes the feet to stink. With bamboo fiber socks, the feet remain dry and thereby reducing the growth of bacteria on the feet. This results in odorless feet.

  • Anti-microbial: Bamboo fiber offers anti-microbial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria on the feet. This property helps in reducing the risk of fungal and bacterial infections of the foot and nails.

  • Durability: Bamboo fiber socks are naturally processed and are chemical-free. This results in bamboo retaining its inherent strength, thus making it durable.

  • Hypoallergenic: Super soft bamboo fiber is a chemical-free, eco-friendly fiber that does not cause or trigger any skin allergies. It is an excellent choice for people who have sensitive skin.

  • Soft like silk: Bamboo fiber socks are soft like skin which makes them a smart choice for young children, people with sensitive skin, and older people.

  • Sustainable choice: Bamboo is a naturally occurring product that is 100% biodegradable and does not require pesticides and fertilizer for its growth. This secures the environment while giving you the best.

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Superior quality bamboo fiber socks help in foot protection, absorption of sweat and moisture, and reducing the risk of microbial growth. Choosing the right socks for your feet also helps in reducing the risk of sprains, splints, and abrasions on the skin.

Finding the perfect socks for your summer activities is not tough anymore. TalkingSox has got you covered with its designs.

Our socks are designed with a combination of science, technology, and aesthetics. They are meant to cater all your needs, provide you with care and make sure the designs speak to you as well.

Each of our socks is designed carefully and tested to make sure that there is no compromise on the quality, comfort, and durability of the socks.

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