Go the extra mile. 

If you're just getting started with hiking or want to be more well-versed with the preparation required, this blog is for you.

We'll cover the problems your feet might encounter during hiking, and how to prevent them by choosing the appropriate socks.


Hiking is a fun and relaxing way to spend time outdoors with nature.

It offers many health benefits and is sometimes recommended to people as a stress management activity.

But hiking requires you to be prepared. One should know about the many things that may come upon a hike and how to tackle them. You should know what to pack, what medicines to keep, and what can make your experience wonderful.

Problems during hiking in summers

Some of the major problems that occur during or after hiking are:

  • Plantar fasciitis: It is one of the most common causes of heel pain, involving the inflammation of the plantar fascia. Plantar fasciitis causes pain that occurs at the start of the day. As the day proceeds, the pain starts receding.

    Recommendation: Massage and stretch the arches and feet once or twice a day. One can invest in a good pair of insoles and shoes before going for a hike.

  • Heel spurs: Associated with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs are bone protrusions caused due to calcium deposits under the heel bone. It is often caused by strain on foot muscles and ligaments and tearing of the membrane that covers the heel bone.

    Recommendation: Stretch and massage the feet regularly. Invest in good insoles. Consult a doctor for orthotics, pain relievers, and management.

  • Bunions: These are bony bumps that form at the joint of the big toe. It happens when the bones in the front part of the foot move out of place.

    Recommendation: Use custom orthotics, bunion pads, and toe socks for elevating the pressure and keeping the toe aligned properly.

  • Blisters: Wearing ill-fitted socks and shoes and having sweat trapped inside the socks lead to blister formation. Many times, blisters get filled with pus.

    Recommendation: Wearing properly fitted shoes and socks is good for starters. Use socks that are made of fabric that absorbs moisture, such as bamboo fabric.

  • Abrasions: Commonly accompanied by blisters, abrasions are a common injury that happens during hiking. Wearing shoes for a longer period, or not wearing socks can result in abrasions.

    Recommendation: Wear good hiking boots that provide proper fit and comfort to the feet. Wear good quality, clean socks every day. Try keeping the feet dry to prevent aggravating the issue.

  • Toenails: It is common for hikers to have a loss of one or more toenails since they constantly bump against the front of the shoes.

    Recommendation: Make sure you wear shoes that fit you well. Using good-quality socks can shield you from damage done due to friction.

  • Trench foot: This happens when the feet have been wet for a long time. It can lead to blisters and severe pain in the feet and calves.

    Recommendation: Always keep the feet dry. Take breaks throughout the day to remove shoes and socks for the feet to "breathe".

Choose the right hiking socks for summers

The right hiking socks for summer can help solve your foot problems. Consider the following factors when looking for good hiking socks:

  • Height: First things first! Choose the correct sock height for your hiking. Eliminate loafer socks or ankle-length socks as they do not provide full coverage and protection.

    Instead, choose crew socks as they provide coverage beneath hiking boots and prevent abrasions.

  • Cushioning: Another critical aspect to remember while buying socks is cushioning. Hiking socks need to have slight cushioning or padding to provide comfort for the feet.

  • Fabric: Hiking socks need to provide durability and comfort to the hiker. The socks should regulate the body temperature and keep the feet dry and odorless. Choose a fabric that provides the advantage of reducing the growth of microbes on your feet.

    Our recommendation would be to choose socks made from 100% natural bamboo fiber. Bamboo provides all the advantages along with being softer on the skin.

    Read more about the benefits of bamboo fiber socks here.

  • Comfortable: All socks, including hiking socks, should be comfortable to wear. Well-fitted socks can prevent blisters and skin abrasions.

  • Moisture absorption: A pair of socks that ensures the sweat is wicked away rather than being soaked in is the best friend for hiking. It is due to the trapped sweat that causes problems like odor, blisters, maintains body temperature, and results in fungal and bacterial infections.

We got you covered

Wicks away sweat

Moisture wicking super powers of bamboo socks. 

Talking Sox bamboo fiber socks have got you covered for hiking in summers:

  • Thermoregulatory: Our socks are made of bamboo fiber that regulates the temperature of the feet. They keep the feet warm preventing the outside heat from coming in.

  • Moisture absorption: The moisture absorption technology wicks away the sweat from the feet leaving your feet dry and odorless.

  • Natural fiber: Hiking socks need to be comfortable, hence bamboo socks are the best choice. Made from 100% natural bamboo fiber, the anti-microbial properties prevent the risk of getting fungal or bacterial infections.

  • Odorless: Our socks prevent the growth of microbes on the foot by wicking away the sweat. This leads to non-stinking feet.

  • Height: We offer a wide range of crew socks for men and women for their hiking experience.

  • Soft on skin: Hiking is a work-intensive activity in which soft fabric reduces the possibility of skin abrasions and the formation of blisters. Soft like silk, our bamboo socks are known to reduce the risk of skin allergies as well.

  • Durable: Bamboo socks are far more durable than cotton socks. Their high tolerance makes them last longer and has a durable shelf-life.

  • Blister prevention: A perfectly fitted socks reduce the risk of formation of blisters on the feet. Our anti-slippage mechanism makes sure the socks fit you perfectly- not too tight nor too loose.

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Hiking is a fun outdoor activity that relieves stress and helps you connect with nature. But knowing about the issues you may encounter and being prepared for them is the best way to enjoy it.

Pack all your hiking essentials and do not compromise on important things like socks and shoes. Good quality socks will benefit your health, prevent common hiking problems and help you create a great hiking experience.