Dress for success.

You cleared the knowledge test at your dream company and now they are calling you for an interview. You prepare a marketing strategy for the questions and present your skills. While you prepare and plan with the mind, do not ignore the importance of your appearance.

Clean and neat professional attire is the first step to making a good impression. It is true that your skills and qualifications will speak for themselves. But your attire represents who you are- professional and successful.

While everyone gives you a list of things to do, the team at Talking Sox has compiled a list of things you should not do on your big day! Read on.


Personal interviews can be nerve-wrecking, especially when the call is for your dream job. In the space of an hour, your potential employers will assess your presentational and analytical skills. You will get a clear understanding of how you will fit in with the company.

Does that mean you can wear rugged jeans and a T-shirt for the interview? No. Your attire should complement your personality rather than be distracting. Clothes help portray you as a confident professional who can become the face of the company.

While you prepare for the interview questions, let us help you address your clothes. It never harms to dress for the occasion.

What not to wear for the interview?

While it may be simpler to navigate what to wear for the interview, it is important to understand what to avoid.

Here are Talking Sox 101 honest reviews about what not to wear:

  • Heavy cologne or perfumes

  • Torn and wrinkled clothes

  • Restrictive and uncomfortable clothes

  • Over accessorize

  • Rugged jeans or lowers

  • Casual T-shirts

  • Radical patterns and colors

  • Flip-flops and sports shoes

What NOT to do in an interview?

This secret list is to help you capture your chance and avoid making common interview blunders.

  • Reaching late: Reaching on time for interviews is a good sign. It gives you time to relax, gather your thoughts and present yourself confidently.

Pro tip: Always reach 10 minutes early for your interview.

  • Unnecessary fidgeting: Do not fidget with your mobile phone, bite your nails, or chew gum. This shows you are underconfident or scared, and nobody wants that.

  • Poor body language: Make eye contact, maintain good posture, and have a positive vibe to your personality. Make the best first impression.

  • Rambling during answers: Take a pause, think about the question, and answer accordingly. Well-structured answers reflect a clear-thinking person.

  • Speaking ill of the current employer: Do not complain about your current employer. Badmouthing does not reflect well on your candidature.

  • Lying on your CV: Do not damage your reputation and chances of employment by lying on your CV. Be true, be confident!

  • Cursing: Using foul or inappropriate language is unacceptable in the workplace.

  • Not asking questions: Ask appropriate and important questions about the job role and the company.

How to choose the attire:

There are many ways one can choose their attire and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for this. But there are a few rules you can follow to make sure you do not do anything wrong.

  • Research the company's dress code: One thing that never disappoints is doing your research well. Research about the company's dress code policy, check out their social media handles and visit the location to get clues about the attire.

Pro tip: If you have doubts, email, or call the hiring manager to confirm the dress code for your interview.

  • Step-up dressing role: If you know the company dress code choose one step up in professional clothing. This is your chance to highlight your professional side, do not let it go.

  • Confident and comfortable attire: Choose clothes that are comfortable and make you confident. Do not let them distract you.

  • Clean, wrinkle-free and fitted clothes: Choose neat, clean, well-fitted, ironed clothes. They help make a good first impression and project professionalism.

  • Interview location: Due to the pandemic, many interviews happen over skype or zoom. But still, opt for professional attire for the interview.

Pro tip: If you have a zoom interview, choose colors that can contrast well with the background.

What to wear for the interview?


Prepare, prepare, and prepare. 

A job interview calls for professional attire. But depending on the company or your job role, you get some leverage on how to dress best without crossing the line. Incorporate some modern-day trends and keep them subtle and professional.

Remember, the main idea is to be comfortable, and not distracting for the hiring manager.

Attires for men: Formal business wear is seen as the standard interview dress code. Keep the following points in mind to get the outfit right.

  • Wear single-breasted, fitted two-piece suit in dark colors

  • Choose a white or light-colored button up shirt with collar

  • Choose a matching or light-colored tie, though you can totally avoid it

  • Dark colored polished shoes

  • Wear matching socks. Shop the formal crew range here

  • Cover your tattoos and body piercings

Outfits for women: Choose the clothing that you feel most comfortable, this is a list, and you can choose any depending upon your style and preference.

  • Wear a suit skirt in dark colors. Keep the length of the skirt till your knees

  • A well-tailored blazer or coat

  • A solid color blouse or shirt

  • Wear pantsuits if that is your preference

  • Closed toe-shoes are most appropriate

  • If choosing heels, stick to 2-6cm height

  • Neutral or natural makeup

  • Neutral or minimal jewelry or accessories

  • Elegantly styled or tied hair

  • Cover your tattoos and piercings


Choosing the right outfit for the interview is tricky but it does not have to be difficult. Keep your look minimal, confident and be mindful, and your qualifications and skills can speak for themselves.

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Be stylish, be confident.

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