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We have deep connections with traveling. Some of us want to travel the world, while others are in search of new trails.

The situations are different, but each one is hoping for inspiration and adventure. If this resonates with you, you are in the right place.


It is true when people say that you need a special soul to hike. We would like to add special socks too!

The simple act of walking through places, woods, mountains help you connect with nature, people, culture and most importantly, yourself. It gives you the freedom of being outside and becoming "one with nature." It brings a sense of deeper conversations and understanding other cultures.

The idea of hiking for pleasure is a new concept in some parts of the world. The locals feel that the hikers are either lost or robbed and tend to help the person walking across the city. It shows us how lovely the people in the city are. But they do not know what you are doing when you are "just walking."

Hikers are full of incredible stories from across the world.

Why do people hike?

This question means different things to different hikers.

Some travellers are trying to absorb a new city or culture while some are trying to get away from the hustle-bustle of metropolitan cities and want to find "the perfect quiet."

For years people have trying to find the calm, and surreal experiences they have heard of in books. But like a book, a hike also means different things to different people.

Some of the most common answers we found when we spoke to hikers were:

  • Growth: Hiking makes your challenge yourself and helps you grow out of your fears. There is evidence that spending time outdoors with friends, family, and self, helps in deeper relational connects, builds a sense of closeness and security. This is a setting that is free from worldly distractions.

  • Destressing: The second most common answer we heard from hikers was- destress. City life is not ideal all the time specially with the growing pollution, and lack of open spaces. It is a wonderful way to spend time with nature and experience a sense of joy and calm. It sends a boost of dopamine (also known as happy hormone) and reduces your stress levels.

  • Keeps mind sharp: Exercise sharpens our mind and increases our focus and attention span. Hiking gives us a bit of the edge. It involves exercise for your lungs and compels your brain to navigate an unpredictable region. It sharpens your brain while giving your body a complete workout.

  • Makes you creative: From poets to artists, everybody craves for spaces to hone their connection with the self, nature and art. Spending time with nature softens our gaze and allows our mind to wander. Some hikers believe that vastness and unpredictability of a terrain leads to enhanced creativity.

  • It builds a positive relationship with nature: Apart from building our stamina to cover longer distances, hiking builds our relationship with nature. It helps us care about the planet, encourages us to commit for its conservation, making it more likely for us to want to protect it. Hikers who spend time in different terrains are more likely to know about the local problems and work towards conservation of the resources.

Benefits of hiking?

A girl hiking in the mountains

Walk the path to discover yourself.

Many hikers feel empowered when they experience the profound vastness of our beautiful world. But besides the surreal experience, there are many physical benefits of hiking:

  • Muscle strength: Hiking helps in strengthening the muscles of your legs, core and enhances balance. If you choose a high intensity terrain, it recruits your core strength. The quadriceps, glutes and hamstring in your legs activate and work hard to prevent you from falling.

  • Cardiovascular benefits: The nature of the activity is such that it benefits your heart directly. It forces your heart to pump harder especially when you choose an inclined trail. Increased blood flow helps in circulating essential nutrients from one part to another.

  • Improves sleep quality: Natural light, spending time in nature and taking time off screens help you get quality sleep. Getting exposed to natural light increases melatonin levels leading to regulated circadian rhythms.

  • Mental health: Physical activity tends to release endorphins, a brain chemical that triggers positive feelings. This improves the mood of the person and help combat depression. With increased time spent outdoors, the body gets boosts of vitamin D that helps in improving overall strength and likelihood of illnesses.

Hiking Books to Inspire you:

Hiking has also inspired several authors. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • A Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson: A 1998 travel book documents the hike through the Appalachian Trail during the spring and summer of 1996. The book talks about the American beloved trail and the good, the bad and the ugly that comes of the hike.

  • Wild by Cheryl Strayed: Strayed's journey is a story of redemption after suffering a personal loss. A heart-warming book that brings her backpacking experience with as she takes on a physical, emotional and spiritual journey.

  • Ten Million Steps by M.J. Eberhart: Meredith's humorous and insightful account of her explorations is a true testament of endurance and human strength.

  • The Living Mountain by Nan Shephard: Shephard's account of nature and mountains is a great piece of nature writing. Her account of the Scottish landscape will make you feel like you are living and breathing the mountain air.


Hiking might be a recent hobby for you. So, be prepared with the essentials.

Do not compromise on your shoes. If you can, carry your own water cleaning tablets. They are easily available at your local pharmacy. Last but not the least, invest in a few good pairs of socks. Bamboo socks tend to dry quicker than ordinary socks, so they will be a trustworthy companion during long treks.

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