Talking Sox promises the best quality bamboo socks. 

Stress on the body contributes to health problems. Similarly, stress on fabric has a direct effect on the lifespan of a pair off socks. Crusty patches, worn-out or baggy heels, pulled threads – haven't we all been there? In our journey of creating the perfect pair of bamboo socks, the team at Talking Sox left no story unheard. That is why you may expect a pair of Talking Sox bamboo socks to last longer than cotton or wool. Does that mean spending your entire weekend worrying about laundry? No. Sounds unbelievable, right? But it is true!

We learnt that you could spend only a few extra minutes and still give your bamboo socks a thorough cleaning with love and care.


Socks are a next to skin type of clothing. Like other undergarments, they absorb sweat, germs and dirt. Regular washing is necessary. However, excessive washing, harsh detergent, drying techniques are some factors that can alter the lifespan of an average pair of socks.

What is different about bamboo socks?

Bamboo fibre is a better material for socks than traditional cotton and polyester. Bamboo fibres have a unique internal structure that can absorb the moisture without trapping it. But how can that make bamboo socks durable? Synthetic socks have a chemical structure like plastic that is usually treated with chemical solutions to make it water resistant. This means until the socks are exposed to air the moisture remains on the feet or on the surface of the socks. This creates an ideal environment for germs, odours, blisters, and injuries. Over time, this compromises the structural integrity of the fibre within the fabric causing socks to lose shape and colour.

Bamboo socks, on the other hand, absorb sweat better and its hollow fibres allow it to evaporate faster. When you put on a pair of bamboo socks, the moisture is being drawn away from the skin leaving it cool and dry. Because of this moisture-wicking property, bamboo socks remain odour free. In the open air, the fibres release the sweat faster, reducing the chances of germ proliferation. Now, all you need to wash it a mild detergent, leave it in the sun and let nature do her job.

How to make your socks last long?

There is an extensive list, but we narrowed it down to the things that you should not do. For instance, do not bleach them. Ever.

  • Washing too much: Washing socks excessively destroys the fabric and makes it lose it tenacity.

  • Use mild soap: Use mild soap or detergent to clean socks. Avoid using fabric softener.

  • Machine wash: Excessive agitation or rough cleansing in the machine wash leads to shrinkage and distortion. For best results, hand wash your socks in lukewarm water.

  • Wash inside out: Always wash your socks inside out to avoid pilling.

  • Do not iron: Ironing socks can change the shape.

  • Keep your feet clean: Wash your feet with water and soap and dry them properly before putting on a pair of socks.

  • Trim your nails: Many a time, our nails destroy the threads of the fibre and make holes.


Make your favorite pair of bamboo socks last longer. A pair of quality bamboo socks such as Talking Sox will last up to a year with a good wash and care process. Remember there are socks for every occasion, so do shop and stock accordingly. The lifespan of your socks also depends on the kind of activity you do in them.

Treat yourself to a pair of luxurious comfortable bamboo socks from Talking Sox today. Organize your sock drawer for the gym, office, and adventure.

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