Handle laundry day like a champion!

For some people, taking care of their socks may not be on their priority list at all.

But it is important to care about them as you care for your other clothes.

Your bamboo fiber socks in particular need specific care. In this article, we'll cover that.


The secret to making your bamboo fiber socks last longer is proper care. Without it, you'll find even your low-maintenance bamboo socks stretched out, faded, or pilled.

But keeping a few tips in mind can help you keep them good as new.

How to wash your socks

Bamboo socks require regular cleaning with special care. The golden rules of washing your bamboo fiber socks are:

  • Wash them separately: Use a mesh laundry bag or wash your bamboo socks separately. Never lose a sock again.

  • Use cold water to wash them: Too much heat can weaken the bamboo fabric and affect its elasticity.

  • Don't use bleach or harsh chemicals: Bamboo fiber naturally helps in preventing odor. So, don't use bleach or harsh chemicals.

Instead, use a small amount of mild detergent. You can also use fabric softener in small quantities.

  • Don't iron them: Bamboo fiber socks have delicate fabric that can be destroyed when ironed.

  • Don't tumble dry: We recommend you line dry your bamboo fabric socks. It helps maintain their elasticity, fiber, and color.

    In case it is necessary, use a dryer on a low heat setting and a low tumble cycle.

  • Fold, don't roll: Rolling bamboo fiber socks damage their elasticity and make them saggy. Fold them to preserve their fiber, look and feel.

How to prevent shrinkage

  • Don't dry clean your socks: Dry-cleaning bamboo socks will loosen their fabric.

  • Coldwater is key: To prevent your bamboo fiber socks from shrinking, use cold water. Even if you need to pre-soak them, pre-soak in cold water. Hot water destroys the fabric.

How to organize your socks drawer

Socks Care

Never lose a sock again.

  • Remove the singles: The first step is to separate your socks from one another. Make sure you have only matching pairs.

  • Match and pair: This is the easiest way to organize your sock drawer for easy access.

  • Group your socks: The next step in segregating socks is grouping them based on color, style, and length.

    Arrange your socks from end to end in your sock drawer. For example, you can keep one end for athletic socks and the other for formal wear.

    Divide them into groups that make sense to you, and it will help you get dressed faster.

  • Use an alternative solution for storage: Use a drawer divider or socks hanger to organize your socks. Depending on your needs and circumstances, organize your socks in one place without losing them.

    This helps in maintaining the crease of your socks and reduces the chances of wrinkles. Besides, there is no way they will get mixed up with each other.

  • The KonMari method of folding: Marie Kondo in her best-selling book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" talks about this method.

    The technique is quite simple. Here's how you can do it:

    Step 1: Place your pair of socks one over the other.

    Step 2: Fold the pair from the center. Make another fold, making your socks one-third their size.

    Step 3: Place the socks upright in your socks drawer with it standing on its edges.

  • The square method: Another method to organize your socks is the square method. This is a somewhat time-consuming process, but for all the neat freaks out there, it will be rewarding.

    Step 1: Place your socks one over the other, like a cross.

    Step 2: Flip the bottom socks on top of the other and make sure you tuck the toes.

    Step 3: Roll the top sock over the bottom sock.

    Step 4: Tuck the top part of both socks in the folds.


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