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Meet ts


The world is full of talking heads, but talking socks?

It started on a fine rainy day in 2020.

It was a fierce Tuesday – the kind of Tuesday when ideas are born. A few of us had already been talking about developing a green lifestyle brand. As the day went by, a lot of talking had been done and we knew we had to pull our socks up.


That’s when it hit us.

Bamboo socks!

Things started moving very quickly once we knew where to start.

The next few months were spent in mulling over bamboo fibre, working, and reworking and working the designs, packaging materials, more chatter, finally, talking to socks. 


Yes, towards the end, it was almost as if we could hear them. And, if we must spill the beans, all they want is to breathe free, smell great, look good, and talk a little bit.

This is why, each pair of Talking sox were given four gifts.

  • Comfort

    Fit for modern lifestyles.

  • Function

    Powered by the benefits
    of bamboo fibre.

  • Quality

    Designed to look and feel
    better than regular

  • Fun

    Soles with a twist.

Please enjoy the experience of wearing the ts line of bamboo socks that are created with a planet-first approach. Creating a green range is a life-long process and the team is committed to the discovery and application of green tech that supports our first goal – a clean planet.

Combining technology and style to create a fun and functional line of products is easier than done. But Talking Sox is supported by a team of believers spread across the globe. Ideas are challenged, solutions are improvised to manage an ever-changing consumer landscape.


At the end of the day, the mission is to revolutionise the marketplace by tipping the scales in favour of a green lifestyle.

Meet Talking Sox

  • Super softSuper Soft Bamboo
  • Air ventsAir Vents
  • Moisture WickingMoisture Wicking
  • Compression Padding SystemCompression Padding System
  • TypographyTypography

Available in

  1. 1. Canada
  2. 2. Netherlands
  3. 3. US
  4. 4. India
  5. 5. Australia


From no shows to knee lengths, our products are lovingly designed to be fun, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.



Be kind to your feet. Our socks provide ergonomic support for your podiatric needs. It's a gorgeous marriage of science and art to bring you the highest quality socks.



Natural fiber with a high count of fine micro yarns per thread.