Dance with me! 

Talking Sox recently launched polka-dotted bamboo fiber socks. Get an exclusive look into the process behind these fabulous, environmentally friendly products!

What is your story?

Talking Sox is on a mission to make luxurious and long-lasting environmentally friendly socks. As the name suggests, we wanted our socks to talk.

In our two-feet journey, we found socks that were happy and those that flew solo. We wanted some gossip out of nothing. We walked on the path with this simple scheme where socks would convey our feelings while keeping our feet warm and comfortable.

Whichever socks you pick, we hope their chattering will help uplift your sole.

What inspired the polka dot design in your socks?

The polka dots design was inspired by the people we know who enjoy small things in life. When we tried to imagine our motto in terms of a design, we initially did not know what fits best. We wanted colors to be a part of the design and wanted to have fun along the way.

So how was the decision taken?

Polka dots often bring cheerful patterns to mind. While researching distinctive styles or ways we could express fun, the internet, somehow, suggested we dance. Dancing was equivalent to fun, happiness, and joy.

Once that bit became a starting point for us, we kept connecting the dots. We connected our idea of fun socks to the Polka dance, a folk dance that originated in the Czech Republic.

Polka dots were introduced through the American entertainment and fashion industry for many of us.

We all have seen polka dots design being used from Brian Hyland to Marilyn Monroe, from Carolina Herrara to Christian Dior.

The very iconic Disney character, Minnie Mouse was seen wearing red and white polka print in the 1920s. DC universe created a villain named "Polka-dot man" in the 1960s. 

Polka dots are a huge part of fashion vocabulary.

But polka dots are used frequently outside fashion. Princess Diana wore polka dots to many of her public appearances.

The polka dots have a major influence on culture as well. Frank Sinatra's "Polka dots and moonbeams", Paul Vance and Lee Pockriss' "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini" popularised the design through music.

To this day, polka dots remain a classic design.

How did the socks get their name "Dotty Dancing"?

Wash your socks

Polka powered goodness. 

The history begins with polka music or polka dancing. The term, pulka, is the Czech word for "half," referring to the half steps of the polka dance form.  The earliest mention of "polka dot" was noted in Godey's Lady's Book (1857). Before then, dotted patterns were sometimes called "quiconce" or "dotted Swiss".

Since the polka dot design of our socks represented a dance form, we decided to call them "Dotty Dancing".

The connection between dots and dancing is unclear. Earlier, wearing a polka dot was somewhat of a taboo in Europe. Jude Stewart's book "Patternalia" explains products were being marketed as polka-related since the craze of the polka dots was at its peak. 

Did it use to be difficult to produce the polka dot design on socks?

Modern technology, machinery, and skillset allow us to achieve our set design perfectly.

However, when sewing by hand was prevalent, it was difficult to sew a perfectly round polka dot. It created blotchy patterns that people sometimes associated with plague and smallpox.

In some African areas, the dots could symbolize magic and hunting, according to Slate.

What is special about Dotty Dancing?

Dotty dancing is environmentally friendly socks. We put our efforts into making sure that they don't damage the environment and gave our best to the customers.

  • Biodegradable socks with antibacterial properties: This helps in the prevention of the growth of fungus on nails and toes.

  • Bamboo Kun: This gives the ability to fight pests and bugs naturally. 

  • Quick Absorption: Socks made fromBamboo fiber absorb moisture quickly, keeping your feet fresh and dry for longer periods.

  • Regulates temperature: The thermoregulatory properties of our socks keep your feet warm in winters and cool in summer.

  • Super soft: Our socks are soft and do not cause abrasions. Hence, they are a good choice for people with sensitive skin.

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