Time to get out of the box and into the world. 

What is our story?

In our two-feet journey, we found socks that were happy and those flew solo, but they wouldn't talk to us. All we wanted was some gossip out of nothing. With this simple scheme, we walked on the path where socks would convey our feelings while keeping our feet warm and comfortable.

Our vision was to create socks that were luxurious, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. Whichever socks you pick, we hope their chattering will help uplift your sole.

What inspired the Break Free design in your socks?

The pandemic and quarantines got us feeling stuck. And how.

We were working from our homes and for our homes. There was no going out, eating out or randomly strolling around.

There wasn't even any window shopping.

Our houses felt a bit like a jail, and we all wanted to break free.

Our lives during the pandemic were the inspiration for the Break Free socks. We wanted to show the jail bars in the form of design.

If you look closely at the design, the strips on the socks represent jail bars.

Why did you choose the name "Break Free"?

Wash your socks

Why? Really? 

The socks are designed keeping in mind our idea of feeling "jailed". But that is not all! The heels of the socks have a break-in look. The break in the bars of the socks looks like jailbreaking, as if a cannonball has been fired through it.

The intention is to focus on the "breaking" part rather than the jailed part. The idea is to inspire people to unlock their minds to innovative ideas and a new future.

What does Break Free mean for Talking Sox?

For us, the break free has a twofold meaning. One is how we all felt jailed in a pandemic. The second meaning is a bit abstract.

We did not want the socks to be associated solely with the pandemic. We wanted them to leave an impression on every person.

The design represents breaking free from unpleasant habits, incorrect social judgements, unfair expectations, undue pressure, and stress. It also means simply breaking free from our guilt and bad pasts.

Whatever breaking away we should be doing, we are trying to highlight that through these socks. The idea is to let everybody know that we are not our past or bad habits and even if these things look like a jail to us, there is always space to get out. We must believe in ourselves!

What about things that need to be "in control"?

Certain things like discipline and self-control are good things, they are built by investing years of effort and hard work. Not everything locking you is bad.

What we want to emphasize is opening our minds to a brighter future and letting go things that hold us down.

People should be able to break their barriers and records and achieve their potential. We tend to "jail" our best selves in fear of so many things in everyday life. Our best self never blossoms because we fear what others will say.

At times of too much hustle, we tend to forget to have fun and enjoy our precious time. We avoid enjoyment by saying, "I don't have time!"

Sometimes, we are purely judgmental with our approach. We do not want that. We want people to break stereotypes, barriers, and bad habits, and transform into beautiful people.

Simply put, break free from bad and achieve the best.

Why did you choose orange bars?

Orange is the new black.

All colors have associations. Orange is associated with joy, happiness, creativity, enthusiasm, determination, and freedom.

It fit perfectly with our idea of the design. Our design was visually talking to you and inspiring them to attain "freedom".

What is special about Break Free socks?

Apart from the themes and designs of our socks we want to focus on being environmentally friendly. We put our efforts into making sure that our socks and their packaging were done sustainably without compromising on the quality of the product.

Our socks are biodegradable and have antibacterial properties that help prevent nail fungus.

Bamboo kun fights pests and bugs naturally. This means bamboo shoots do not require pesticides and insecticides that harm our environment.

They bring freshness into your life by giving you good ventilation. They also absorb moisture quickly, keeping your feet fresh and dry for longer periods.

Their thermoregulatory properties keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summers.

Socks made from bamboo fiber are soft on the skin and do not cause abrasions. Hence, they are a desirable choice for people with sensitive skin.

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