Enter with a bang.

What did one ion say to another while flirting? I had my ion on you. ;)

Did you chortle at that? With our Big Band Theory socks, we wanted a representation of smart and witty people.

This design took quite a bit of effort. We had to make sure the socks were formal enough for offices, meetings, and conferences, while also being interesting. Furthermore, we wanted to incorporate the idea of tech enthusiasts wearing funky clothes.

We researched to find popular characters from the entertainment industry for our customers to relate to. We came across many great movies during the research: A Beautiful Mind, The Imitation Game, Good Will Hunting, The Big Band Theory, and The Theory of Everything. These movies all are about prodigies or brainy people.

Out of them, we picked Young Sheldon to be our representative. He is intelligent, funny, witty, and someone we can all relate to in some way or the other.

We love how he is proud of his academic achievements while at the same time being a geeky fan of Spock from Star Strek. (Also, he wants to be the superhero the Flash, which is adorable.)

We wanted to make "space" for all witty, intelligent people like Young Sheldon.

Make room for everyone

Make room for everyone. 

Each company and profession is different.

  • Bamboo fiber socks stay fresh all day.

  • Their antibacterial properties prevent the growth of fungus on toes and nails.

  • They maintain the temperature of your feet during summers and winters.

  • Bamboo fiber is hypoallergic. It is your best bet if you have sensitive skin.

  • Suffer from excess sweating.

Wear Big Band Theory socks with any of your outfits. They boast a blend of soothing color bands, which make them easy to pair with formal or casual wear. There is no one way, and all ways are the correct way. That's the beautiful part.

Be you! These socks mean to represent your personality.

Everything will fall into place like the big bang.

One more joke for you, if you can bear it.

How do astronauts organize a successful surprise party?

They planet.