Prepared for anything. 

Talking Sox launches crew-length ribbed socks made of bamboo fiber. Get an exclusive look into the process behind these fabulous, environmentally friendly products!!

What is your story?

In our two-feet journey, we found socks that were happy and those flew solo, but they wouldn't talk to us. All we wanted was gossip out of nothing.

With a simple scheme, we walked on the path where our socks convey our feelings while keeping our feet warm and comfortable.

Our vision was to create socks that were luxurious, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. Whichever socks you pick, we hope their chattering will help uplift your sole.

What inspired the design in your socks?

Our ribbed socks represent all working professionals.

We decided to keep the design sophisticated yet quirky. Text was added to the soles so people would be confident wearing them in professional spaces.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, a lot of workforces (around 70% of IT companies) are upgrading the hybrid model. Many companies are still trying to figure out what their working model is going to be.

Yet there are some jobs that require staff to be physically present. Thus, some sections of people will always work from the office or at a designated site.

Some companies give the freedom to their employees to not wear formal clothes. What do you think about that?

Bamboo Fiber Socks

We're still thinking! 

Each company and profession is different.

Many a time, people from creative professions or start-ups dress in smart casual clothes.

But there is no one kind of day in your professional career. For example, some days we need to look our best to impress potential clients. For those days, we need to look immaculate to make the best impression. Our clothes help create charisma for us.

In fact, a lot of management study guides emphasize proper dressing for the workplace. These guides believe that "corporate" dressing helps in building a magnetic personality and inculcates healthy work culture.

Hence, we need formals in our wardrobe and matching formal socks with them.

How many colors do your socks come in?

Our socks come in five different variations: black, white, gray, royal blue, and sky blue.

We realized that these were the safest color options and ever-green choices. They can suit virtually any profession or workspace. Plus, you can pair any color suit with black, white, or royal blue socks.

Why did you choose the term "Ever Ready" for formal socks?

In professional spaces, there are generally three kinds of people.

One kind is supercharged. For every meeting, task, report, or analysis, they are always ready.

We wanted to celebrate these supercharged working professionals across the world.

What is special about your socks?

Apart from the thematic representation and each thought that went into making these socks, we really wanted to be environmentally friendly.We were putting all our efforts into making sure that went the sustainable way and gave our best to the customers.

  • Our socks are biodegradable

    They have antibacterial properties to prevent fungal infections.

  • Bamboo kun can fight pests naturally. This means bamboo shoots do not need pesticides and insecticides to grow.

  • Bamboo fiber socks absorb moisture faster. They keep your feet fresh and dry for longer periods.

  • Their thermoregulatory properties keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • Socks made from bamboo fiber are soft and do not cause abrasions. Hence, they are a desirable choice for people with sensitive skin.

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