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From Selena Gomez to Justin Bieber to Bella Hadid, the list of celebrities that have been spotted wearing tube socks is growing! Who knew sports socks would turn out to be such a rage?

This comfortable yet stylish look is perfect for a quick grocery run, a casual outing with friends, and some serious lounging on the weekend. Should you wear it to a brunch date? Oh my! That is a question only you should answer.

As for us, we enjoy our tube socks as much as these celebs do, and we are here to tell you how to take them beyond the arena.


Necessity is known to be the mother of invention. Here is another bizarre necessity that led to the invention of tube socks. As soccer became the predominant sport in America in the 1960s and 1970s, basketball was also gaining ground as a popular sport.

As more people started watching these games, it was found out that people were discussing the hairy legs of the players instead of the sport. To avoid this hairy business, knee-length tube socks were introduced as an important accessory for sports.

In the year 1967, the tube socks or crew socks, as we know them now, were invented by Nelson Knitting Company of Rockford, Illinois. These socks were designed to cover the area of the legs till the knees. The basketball and soccer rule said that the socks could not end “halfway down the calf.” The Labour Department defined the tube socks as the official hosiery for athletic and casual wear.

Eliminating the shaped heel and toe made the manufacturing process 30 times faster than traditional socks. Their low cost was the result of them being easily dyed, dried, inspected, and packaged than the traditional heeled socks.

Unfortunately, Nelson failed to patent the design and it was left open to copy by others in the business. Slowly, the design took over the athletic and pop culture of America’s 60s and 70s, and as famous sports persons started pairing them with shorts, it became less of a necessity and more of a statement.

What are tube socks?

Tube socks are socks shaped like a tube, rather than the shape of human feet. These socks have no special space designed for heels and are made of a simple seam. It is an American phrase for long socks.

Traditionally tube socks came in white with stripes on the ankle. Originally, they were part of the basketball kits, and are ribbed to ensure they do not keep falling off.

How to wear tube socks?

Sports Socks and Bamboo

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The transition of tube socks from athletics to streetwear was not seamless.

In 1966, Vogue magazine called the white tube socks and black shoes the unofficial combination of "male footwear of Catholic grade and high schools".

But recently we have seen Selena or Kendall pulling off a chic look with their tube socks. So how exactly can you use your tube socks to elevate your style?

Here are some of our recommendations for tube socks:

  • Casual look: Wear your tube socks for a casual outing to channel the ballerina. The ballet dancer style never goes out of fashion and always looks sophisticated. You can never go wrong there.

Pair your white tube socks with black leggings of dark blue slim-fit denim.

  • Shorts and sneakers or slides: Influenced by Justin Bieber’s summer look, we recommend you pair your tube socks folded with casual shorts and sneakers or slides.

  • All-white outfit: Hitting the gym or going out for Sunday brunch with friends? Are you planning to don an all-white outfit? Well, grab your tube socks out for your outfits.

In an all-white outfit, your white tube socks work like a neutral accessory and are a perfect ensemble for your casual look.

Mom jeans with chunky shoes: Though a lot of people may think this is a disastrous look, we trust Gigi Hadid on this one. She perfected the mom jeans and tube socks look pairing them with a chic t-shirt.

We also recommend you roll your jeans like her.

  • Oversized blazers and tights: Pair your tube socks with oversized blazers for that perfect chic evening wear look. For summer, you can pair the look with some tights and tops. For winter, you can add tights with an oversized sweater or cardigan.

  • Casual dress: Trying to find the perfect way to wear tube socks without making it an obvious choice for the comfort of your feet? Well, pair your casual white/colorful midi dresses with tube socks and sneakers.

Look divine in a simple white dress with white tube socks with sneaker shoes. You are ready to go places with that look.


Tube socks are a versatile accessory that can be worn with anything from your daytime wardrobe.

You can pair them with trainers, shorts, sneakers, sliders, chunky loafers, or high heels. They are meant to give a comfortable feeling to your entire outfit.

Tube socks have always been around but with the covid era, the style is resurging, and this trend is all over the internet. The tik-took videos of fashion influencers slaying the trends with tube socks are becoming difficult to ignore.

Besides, there should be an honorable mention to a lady who started this trend in the 90s- Princess Diana. Who can forget the timeless Princess Di dashing out of the gym in her cycling shorts, sweatshirt, tennis shoes, and yes, crew length socks!

If you have a pair lying around somewhere, pull them out. If not, Talking Sox sells bamboo crew socks that feel good on your feet and keep you stylish all day long. Do check them out!