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Pairing the right socks with your outfits may not have any hard and fast rules. But some tricks can help you rock your outfit no matter the occasion!

This comfortable yet stylish look is perfect for a quick grocery run, a casual outing with friends, and some serious lounging on the weekend. Should you wear it to a brunch date? Oh my! That is a question only you should answer.

As for us, we enjoy our tube socks as much as these celebs do, and we are here to tell you how to take them beyond the arena.


We all want to look our best, whether we are dressing conservatively or being a little flamboyant.

It is important to remember that comfort takes top priority. If you wear anything uncomfortable, you automatically may not feel confident. Moreover, it will distract you from any task at hand.

Advice: Choose the right clothes for the right occasion. It is also important that your clothes and shoes fit – this is the secret of many well-dressed people.

However, many times, people underestimate the more subtle effects of socks.

Why socks are important

Socks are not just accessories.

  • They support us while wearing shoes.

  • They provide us with cushioning and comfort to our feet and legs for doing various activities like walking, exercising, and playing our favorite sports.

  • Socks save us from shoe bites and blisters and help avoid friction between the sole and shoes.

  • They also help prevent odor that is caused by sweat.

Guidelines for wearing socks

Miss-match orange sock.

Miss-matched, anyone? 

  • Contrast your socks with the color of your outfit

    If you are wearing a simple outfit, in a casual or professional setup, contrast them with quirky and colorful socks. For instance, match a bright orange pair of socks with your charcoal grey suit for a head-turning look.

  • Match your socks with other accessories

    Common accessories for men are a tie and pocket square. Coordinate your socks to match the color of the accessories in your outfit. This will help you look chic without making your socks look odd.

    However, do not wear socks that are the same color as your suit or dress. Try a hue of the same color.

    Style tip: Wearing similar colors makes you look more sophisticated.

  • Do not let your socks take the limelight

    It is lovely to pair colorful socks with your attire. But do not let them overpower your entire outfit. They should compliment them, not steal the limelight.

  • White is the color of sportswear

    While this is no ultimate rule, you may want to restrict the use of white socks to sportswear.

    Try your best to use more colorful socks for your casual evenings, date nights, movies, or special occasions.

    Furthermore, generally, white socks only look good with shorts, and not with long pants or slacks.

  • If nothing works, match your socks with your pants

    The general rule of thumb for formal or smart casual occasions is to match your socks with your pants.

    One of our suggestions is to pair your khakis and brown shoes with dark green socks.

  • Do not overdo it

    There is a difference between being casual and looking clownish. Colorful socks compliment your outfit or accessories: good. Flashy socks that clash with your three-piece suit: bad.

    The key is moderation.

  • Stay away from similar patterns

    If you are wearing anything that involves patterns and shapes, try going for simpler or no patterns in your socks.

  • Own a nice pair of crew socks

    Everyone should own a minimum of three pairs of quality crew socks.

They will be comfortable, will not keep sliding down or rumpling, and help you feel more confident about your outfit.

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  • Use different lengths of socks for your needs: There are many types of socks. Each of them plays a different role in our lives. To utilize them, we need to understand them.

    • Compression socks: Provide feet and legs with compression. They are used to keep our feet protected from pain and blisters and regulate blood flow. Read more about compression socks here.

    • Knee-high socks: Mostly worn in winter, these socks provide warmth. They are often made of wool.

    • Ankle socks: Your staple socks for daily needs. These socks are not visible above your ankle, so you can style them easily with sneakers and sports gear.

    • Dress socks: As the name suggests, these are perfect for formal meetings, dinner dates, and any event where you want to rock your tuxedo. These socks go up to your calves.

    • No-show socks: These socks are virtually invisible once you wear any footwear. They can be worn with any outfit that otherwise does not require socks.

    • Crew socks: Another common type of sock, these are great for your outdoor events.


"Fashion fades, but style remains." – Coco Chanel.

Knowing how to pair socks with outfits is one of the keys to remaining stylish, whether you want to go for a look that is funky, laid back, formal, or anything else.

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