The details hold the look together.

While dressing up, one may not pay much attention to something as simple as socks. But your socks may have the power to complete your entire look.

Let us look at some of the ways you can use your socks to match your outfit and look stylish and sophisticated.


Socks have evolved over the years. From plain white or black socks to funky designs, socks have become an important part of  our outfits.

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, dons funky, themed socks for public occasions. The media even criticized Boris Johnson for not washing his lucky socks often.

Indeed, socks have become something of a battleground for designers.

Different lengths of socks available in the market are as follows:

  • No Show Socks

    No-show socks reach below your ankle. They are not visible when one wears their shoes over these socks. No-show socks are also called loafer liners or invisible socks.

  • Ankle Socks

    Ankle-length socks are also known as low-cut socks. These socks cover the ankle area. Pair them with slip-ons or sneakers to rock them.

  • Quarter Socks

    A bit longer than their ankle sock counterparts, quarter socks touch your shins and go above your ankles. These socks prevent chafing around your ankles.

  • Crew Socks

    The most common length of socks, crew socks cover the calf and are mostly made of cotton, nylon, wool, and spandex. They are good for everyday activities and come in various designs and colours.

  • Knee Length

    These socks are long and go up to your knees. Diabetic patients and some athletes wear them to improve blood circulation.

  • Thigh-high Socks

    These socks reach above the knees and over the thighs. Many have a band at the end to keep the socks from slipping off.

Several types of settings to wear socks:

Suit up people

Suit up, people!

  • Casual Wear

    There is a wide selection of styles, materials, lengths, and colors for socks for casual occasions. There is no definite rule to follow. You can choose to be chic, colorful, funky, eclectic, or sporty.

  • Formal Wear

    Formal occasions, including business meetings, client meetings, in-house conferences, and more, demand your attention while dressing.

    In these instances, you want to choose something conservative. Your socks should match the color of your outfit.

    You could choose dress socks for formal parties and events to match your outfits. The perfect dress socks are thin.

    For men, many types and colors of socks are available in the market for white-tie and black-tie events.

    Popular choices for women include no-show/loafer socks or stockings.

  • Athletic/Sports Wear

    Athletic socks or sportswear socks enhance physical performance. For sports or workouts, you need breathable, moisture-absorbing socks.

    Sports socks are available in various fabrics, including synthetic blends, wool, cotton, and bamboo fiber.

    One can choose any length, ankle to mid-calf length socks, depending upon the sports you play. For example, choose socks that provide a good grip if you're snowboarding or skiing.

  • Medical Wear

    Some people wear recommended socks for the proper care of their feet.

    Diabetic patients need extra care for neuropathy and sometimes wear diabetic socks. Read more about diabetes and diabetic socks here.

    Compression socks help boost blood circulation and enhance your performance. Read more about compression socks here.

    The fabric of diabetic socks and compression socks can be bamboo fiber, cotton, spandex, or nylon. They provide anti-bacterial properties and proper ventilation and do not cause skin abrasions.


Regardless of what socks one buys, there are a few things to keep in mind. The fit of your socks should be perfect. They should not be too tight or too loose. One needs to consider all their daily activities to know the thickness of the socks they choose.

A wise choice would be to choose your socks as per your activity. As always, we recommend doing your research and buying socks according to comfort, personal style, health and occasion.