Bamboo socks are as soft as a baby's bottom. 

Are bamboo socks good? Yes, they are. The world over, people are switching to alternate fabrics. And, bamboo emerges as a popular choice. This versatile fabric is making its way into homes as bed linen, clothing and guess what, socks. So, what's special about bamboo socks? Here is the Talking Sox low-down on the benefits of bamboo socks.

Bamboo furniture and cutlery are common in South Asia. But, as a fabric, bamboo is new. A lot of people ask us how bamboo socks will feel. Some wonder if they demand special care. Talking Sox has one answer: try the difference. Bamboo socks feel like any regular pair of socks, only softer. Warning: they add a spring to your step! So, when you put on a pair of Talking Sox, you may feel yourself glide through the day. It is possible.


Talking Sox loves adventure. The one thing you must have on an adventure is a good partner. Our feet have taken us on and through all our escapades thus far. So, taking care of them becomes our topmost responsibility. Here's how we do it.

Regular care is the best way to maintain foot health and improve function. Keeping them clean and dry is the place to start. Feet tend to sweat. This makes them an ideal environment for germs. The last thing you need on an adventure is an infection. That's why we use bamboo socks. Moisture-wicking is one of the superpowers of bamboo fibre. This means they release the trapped moisture twice as fast and keep the feet fresh and dry for a long period of time. As a bonus, bamboo socks adapt to the seasons. They keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer.

Can a synthetic fibre ever dream of being this smart?

Do bamboo socks help?

Yes, they do. Here are a few situations where bamboo socks come in handy. One, get rid of problems arising from excessive sweating such as foot odour. This is not usually a medical condition but it can cause self-consciousness. Switch to bamboo. It absorbs sweat, wicks the moisture away and acts as a natural deodoriser.

Pro tip: Use a fresh pair of socks daily to do away with any lingering odours. Stock up on your sock drawer with our packs of 3.

Two, blisters. Prepared to go the distance, but a little blister threw you off schedule. Who hasn't heard this story? Ill-fitting shoes are the usual suspect. But, socks are also to blame. Thin socks without moisture-wicking properties increase the chances of blistering. Thickness matters! For endurance training, trekking and running, thick socks work best.

Here is the Talking Sox range of thick bamboo socks. Our socks are pre-shrunk for the best possible fit. Find your size today.

Benefits of bamboo socks:

  • Moisture absorption: Bamboo socks absorb more sweat than other fibres. The hollow structure creates natural ventilation.

  • Freshness: Bamboo fibre is a natural deodorizer.

  • Anti-microbial: Bamboo socks reduce bacterial and fungal attacks on the skin and nails. Bamboo fibre has bamboo Kun which is an anti-microbial bioagent. It is the same quality that gives the plant resistance to pests and germs. Bamboo Kun is both an antifungal and antibacterial agent.

  • Temperature regulation: Bamboo socks have temperature-regulating properties.

  • Sustainability: Bamboo socks are organic and serve the soil it grows on. It grows faster than other plants and is pest resistant.

Talking Sox and Bamboo

Talking Sox creates bamboo socks for two reasons. First, we want to make better choices available. Second, we love wearing bamboo socks. We would like you to have the best possible experience with our range of bamboo socks. That's why we made a list of things that you should keep in mind before you start sock-shopping. The key is to find the right size. Like the princess in the story, the one that fits will neither be too tight nor too loose. Keep looking!

  • Match your socks with the activity.

It is a horses-for-courses kind of scenario. Try them and see what works for you.

  • Do not wear a pair of new socks for a major event.

Being comfortable is half the battle won. Use your existing training socks.

  • Change your socks as often as you can.

Hygiene and health go hand in hand. Keep an eye on your feet.

  • Reduce moisture by putting talcum powder in your shoes or socks.

Walk 10,000 steps and more without worry.


Why is bamboo good for socks? There is a very simple answer to that: everything cotton, wool, and polyester can do, bamboo can do better. Try the difference today.

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