Finding the perfect pair of socks, are you? 

Bamboo has unmatched properties when it comes to socks. Its anti-microbial capabilities make it ideal for intimate wear. Bamboo kun, an anti-microbial bioagent found in the plant fiber itself, helps keep germs away. Besides, bamboo socks have incredible sweat-wicking property that keeps feet dry, fresh, and odor-free.

This makes them a good choice for a wide range of activities like jogging or hiking. They are a stylish accessory for formal wear too. But not all bamboo socks are a one-stop solution. Let us find out.


Bamboo fiber, known to some as a miracle material, is a great choice for next-to-skin garments such as socks. Apart from its well-known moisture-wicking capacity, bamboo fibers are round and smooth with no sharp spurs. That is why socks made of bamboo fiber feel as soft as silk.

A great alternative to traditional cotton, bamboo cultivation is free from pesticides and fertilizers because of bamboo kun – a bio-agent. These natural bacteria-resistant properties remain in its textile form. This means each pair of bamboo socks from TalkingSox is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. And they work as a natural deodorizer.

So, bamboo socks can keep your feet dry, wrapped in a soft cocoon and fight germs! How is that for a miracle?

TalkingSox chose bamboo as a raw material because of its biodegradability and speedy regeneration. Bamboo fiber decomposes without causing pollution. Also, it is a type of tropical grass with an extensive rooting system that grows four to six new shoots a year, on average, thereby replenishing itself naturally.

So, when you buy a pair of bamboo socks at our store, you buy more than just a pair of socks. You own a piece of eco-innovation!

Wearing bamboo socks:

Our feet are subjected to different activities throughout the day. Thinking that a pair of socks will help us, at both running to work and, on a treadmill, is a rookie mistake. So how do you find the right pair? Just like the same pair of shoes is not fit for every occasion, in the world of socks, one size does not fit all.

Trust us when we say this, we practiced and learned a lot from our own mistakes. So, here is a quick guide to making the most of your Talking Sox bamboo socks.

  • Formal wear: For the office, try bamboo crew socks. Always choose a shade lighter than your trousers. If you are feeling particularly bold, add a dash of color. Talking Sox recommends the royal blue for your Monday meeting.

  • Athleisure wear: If you are relaxing with family or taking the day off, give your feet a little vacation of their own.

  • Outdoor wear: The best pair for outdoor activities are the extra thick bamboo socks from Talking Sox.

The perfect bamboo socks:

Wash your socks

The hunt begins! 

TalkingSox made a list of things you should keep in mind before buying your next pair of bamboo socks.

  • Comfort level: If there is one thing that is non-negotiable, it is comfort. Distressed feet may affect body posture.

Pro tip: Do not compromise on the size of your bamboo socks. You may not realize that a smaller size leaves marks on your skin while a bigger size causes bunches inside the shoes.

  • Maintenance: Talking Sox's range of bamboo socks are machine washable, preshrunk and color fast. Not all bamboo socks are created equal. Some bamboo socks can only be hand-washed. Read the care instructions before you make a purchase.

Pro tip: Talking Sox recommends folding bamboo socks neatly rather than curling them up to avoid unnecessary stretching.

Feet Support: Added padding and arch support help reduce pain in feet and ankles. Especially when we are hiking or gymming, we need socks that keep our feet extra comfortable.

TalkingSox has an entire range of thick bamboo socks in ankle and crew length for high-performance activities. They come with sole padding and arch support with a ventilation mechanism. Focus on your performance, and let our socks take care of the feet.

  • Non-allergenic: Socks made from organic bamboo fiber do not cause allergies. Talking Sox bamboo socks are non-allergenic which makes them a perfect fabric for old people, babies, people with sensitive skin.

Pro-tip: Check the composition of bamboo fiber used in manufacturing.


Order online to get a pair of TalkingSox bamboo delivered to your doorstep. You must try the difference! Feel free to scan through our website to check out the products we offer.

When it comes to finding the best bamboo socks for you, you can count on TalkingSox. Our mission is to create and deliver the perfect pair of socks for you.

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