White is a mood. 

So, whoever banished white socks to the gyms, watch this space. This article takes you through the world of white socks to show you that being basic doesn't need to be boring.

Let's start with the 5 golden rules for rocking white socks!


Socks are some of the most underestimated pieces of clothing in our wardrobes. 

While buying socks, we must keep a few things to mind. They are:

  • Type: ankle socks, no show, crew socks, knee-high, crew socks, over the calf socks

  • Occasion: Formal wear, sportswear, casuals

  • Fabric: Cotton, wool, synthetic, bamboo, there's more.

The combination of type, occasion, and fabrics helps us make a wise purchase.

Types of socks:

There is a wide variety of socks available in the market. Here is a list of 5 types of socks:

  • Ankle socks: Versatile socks that can be worn as active and comfort wear. Ankle socks are a perfect fit for any occasion and are available in many fabrics.

    They are a desirable choice for sports or adventure needs.

  • No show socks: Ideal for low shoes, loafers, or sneakers. They hide inside the shoes and hence are also known as invisible socks. They are your best option for casual outings

  • Knee-high socks: Knee-high socks are generally compression socks meant for athletes and sportspeople. They help in preventing the pooling of blood and boost blood circulation.

    Read more about the benefits of compression socks here.

  • Crew socks: These are the most common business wear for men. They are comfortable, airy, and a common choice of formal socks lovers.

  • Over-the-calf socks: These aesthetically pleasing socks have health benefits. They provide cushioning to the legs and boost blood circulation and are worn by diabetic patients.

    Read more about diabetic socks here.

Different fabrics to choose from:

  • Cotton socks: A popular socks' choice; cotton socks are often worn in warm weather. They are right for casual and formal wear, but we recommend to not wear them as sportswear.

    Sportswear should wick-away moisture and cotton socks hold moisture and odor. They can lead to the formation of blisters and fungal infections.

  • Wool socks: Wool socks parallel cotton socks in their popularity suited for winters. Wool is a breathable material, water-resistant and wrinkle resistant.

    Lower quality wool may be itchy, but it is super soft and comfortable to wear if it is superior quality wool.

  • Synthetic socks: Made from nylon and polyester, they absorb moisture but do not provide breathability to the feet. The synthetic fabric helps in regulating the body temperature. It is best for playing sports or gymming.

    Keep in mind that synthetic socks are better workout socks than cotton socks.

  • Bamboo socks: A sustainable innovation that is winning the world with its wonder. Bamboo socks are soft, sustainable, thermoregulatory, and have moisture absorption technology. Wear bamboo socks as casual/formal wear and activewear.

    Diabetic socks and compression socks are often made of bamboo fiber.

    We manufacture all our socks from 100% natural bamboo fiber that feels super soft on the skin. Check out our collection of bamboo socks here.

  5 Amazing Ways to Wear White Socks in style

Amazing Ways to Wear White Socks with Style

Stay comfy yet stylish.

Here are our 5 rules to keep in mind while styling white socks.

  • Wear them as sportswear: White colored socks practically shout "sportswear."

    Use ankle and crew length socks for gaming, athletics, gymming, and adventure sport's needs.

  • Do not wear them at work: One thing all fashionistas will agree on is white colored socks do not go with formal wear.

    Many professional places encourage proper corporate dressing for both men and women.

  • Do not wear long white socks with shorts: Make a rule to wear no-show or loafer liners when wearing shorts.

    Wearing socks in summer is good for the feet, so do not skip that part. But avoid wearing long-length socks with shorts.

  • Pair white socks with sports shoes: Wear multi-colored sports shoes to pair with white socks. It will a give twist to the look.

  • Wear them at home:Nothing speaks of comfort more than home. Style the white-colored socks as loungewear.


We often grab the first socks we find when dressing up. However, remember the golden rules of wearing white socks and dressing up is half-done.

Tell us, in the comments section below, the occasions where you recommend wearing white socks!

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