Summer is coming. 

Summer is here and we are excited about it! But as the temperature is set to increase in the coming days, we need to take care of our feet.

Read on to know common foot problems that occur in summers and how to prevent them with the best summer socks!


Summer is harsh on your feet.

As the heat and humidity rise, they lead to a surge in foot problems.Summer triggers the growth of microbial infections, as the environment encourages the growth of fungi, bacteria, and yeast. Lack of personal hygiene aggravates these problems, sometimes leading to relapse of infections.

It is advisable to follow personal hygiene and seek proper treatments for problems or infections to maintain healthy feet.

Common summer feet problems:

Some of the most common foot problems and their causes are:

  • Swelling: In hotter climatic conditions, the human body tends to heat up. This is because the blood vessels constrict when the body needs to reach homeostasis. When this happens, the body fluids move toward our hands and feet. This is best known as heat edema. Read more about heat edema here.

  • Cracked heels: Summer is the season is excessive perspiration. Dehydration or excessive perspiration often leads to loss of moisture making our skin dry and our heels cracked.

  • Sunburns: One of the most common summer issues is sunburns. It is caused by over exposure to UV rays from the sun. Since the feet are the most exposed part of the body in summers, they are affected the most. It causes severe pain and swelling, brown spots and increase the chances of skin cancer.

  • Hotspots: The "hot" feeling we get on our feet, often during walking, running, should not be ignored. This is the first sign of pressure injuring the feet.

  • Blisters: Hot, sweaty, swollen feet in summer are the perfect recipe for the formation of blisters. Blisters are formed when the skin of the feet is exposed to friction.

    Most blisters don't require medical attention, but if you have diabetes, consult your physician.

  • Athlete's foot: A common foot, the athlete's foot occurs in areas between the toes. The infection appears usually during summer when the feet get sweaty and warm. Such situations provide a perfect environment for Trichophyton fungus.

  • Fungal infections: Discolored, damaged toenails are a sign of toenail fungus. Besides, it causes pain and an unpleasant odor. In most extreme cases, it can result in difficulty walking.

  • Bromodosis: Most known as foot odor, bromodosis is caused by excessive sweat leading to the growth of bacteria. In extreme scenarios, other symptoms are cuts, itchy white patches between toes, bleeding from cracked skin, white looking skin with pits.


Some basic ways to prevent or fight common summer feet problems are:

  • Stay hydrated: Prolonged dehydration can aggravate feet problems in summers such as gout and feet cramps. This also results in cracked heels. Drink plenty of water in summer and stay hydrated to avoid problems.

  • Keep feet and toes clean: Keeping feet and toes clean and dry will help in preventing bromodosis and lowers the risk of athlete's foot.

    Lower quality wool may be itchy, but it is super soft and comfortable to wear if it is superior quality wool.

  • Take medications: For foot problems such as fungal infections, sunburns, and swelling use over the counter medications. Use moisturizers and aloe vera gel for reducing the pain in sunburn and speed up healing. Moisturizer helps with healing cracked heels as well.

  • Wear appropriate shoe size: Prevent blisters, cracked heels, by wearing comfortable shoes. Balance the shoe time and open time for the feet.

  • Maintain feet hygiene: Clean your feet withs soap and water frequently. Maintaining good feet hygiene prevents athlete's foot, fungal infections, blisters and saves us from the embarrassment of smelly feet.

How summer socks help you solve the problem:

Our top reasons why summer socks help in prevention of foot problems are:

  • They protect you from heat and dust

  • Well-fitted socks protect your feet from sunburn

  • Cotton or bamboo fiber socks absorb moisture reducing the risk of problems like bromodosis, athlete's feet and blisters

  • Provide protective layer between your feet and shoes and reduces hotspots

  • Good quality socks help in preventing fungal infections

Things to keep in mind before buying summer socks

How to buy the Best Summer Socks for Healthy Feet

Pre-shopping research, anyone?

  • Fabric material: Choose the most appropriate fabric material for your summer needs. Cotton socks are the most preferred choice of fabric in summer, but they cause blisters and hold moisture. Instead, choose bamboo fiber socks. With moisture wicking technology and silk like softness, bamboo fiber socks are the best choice.

    Read about the benefits of bamboo fiber socks here.

    Buy premium quality bamboo fiber socks here.

  • Socks fit: The socks should fit the feet perfectly. The socks should not be too loose or tight on the feet. Tight fitted socks can limit movement and put pressure on the feet.

  • Moisture wicking technology: Summer socks should be made of moisture wicking feature which keeps your feet dry and odorless. This also gives the freedom to exercise or go to the gym without worrying about the heat.

  • Mesh ventilation: Mesh ventilation provides a space for the absorbed moisture to evaporate instead of holding it in place. This prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi from developing on your feet. This keeps the feet dry.

  • Comfort foam: The socks should provide some cushioning to your feet to protect the feet from chaffing and irritation.

    Most blisters don't require medical attention, but if you have diabetes, consult your physician.

  • Durability: The socks should be able to bear the everyday wear and tear and not get loose or become ill-fitted. They should be durable enough to withstand everyday pressure on the feet.

  • Diabetes Management: Diabetic patients require a certain amount of compression on their feet for diabetic management to keep their neuropathy in check.


Taking care of your feet requires patience and care. In some cases, it requires one to understand their needs and act accordingly.

Understanding your foot needs will lead to a healthier life and happier you.

Tell us the things you keep in mind before buying summer socks in the comments!