Know Your Sports Ankle Socks Better

In our earlier blog on sports socks, we talked about how sports socks are important to our feet. They help in preventing blisters, protect our feet from injury, and maintain the health of our feet.


Apart from training equipment, a key part of your athletic regime is getting the right pair of socks. But not just any socks.

You need to choose socks that are designed to provide you with all the benefits you need for your training. Some of these athletic socks are designed to deliver optimal performance and prevent bruises or injuries.

If you are an athlete or thinking about running or any kind of workout, this blog will guide you through the basics of sports ankle socks.

Different activities for sports ankle socks:

Some of the activities where you should wear sports ankle socks are:

      • Basketball: If you are learning or playing basketball you know how important your socks are for preventing blisters. Your socks need to be made of soft fabric to avoid blisters during excess rubbing of the feet against the shoes.

You also require a cushioned pair of socks that can absorb moisture and wick it away keeping your feet dry, fresh, and odorless.

      • Golf: Golfers need to be on their feet for long hours and must maintain their cool till the game is over. Your socks need to provide you with temperature regulation, comfort, and protection against odor and infections.

Your socks must be thinner and softer so that you remain comfortable throughout the game.

    • Gymming: Socks are essential for most workouts in controlling odor, preventing blisters, and always keeping your feet comfortable.

In times when you are doing HIIT, cycling, or walking on treadmills, you would need sweat-wicking socks with a good grip. And, don't forget to pick a pair that provides a cushion for your soles.

    • Rock climbing: Rock climbing shoes are incredibly tight but not wearing socks would be a bad choice. Choose thin snugly socks that will provide protection to your feet and prevent the chances of blisters.

    • Tennis: Tennis socks and shoes work together to prevent blisters, provide breathability to your feet, and cushioning to the soles. As the weather can get extremely hot while playing tennis you also require ventilation for temperature regulation.

    • Tracking: For short-distance running, you require socks that can provide you with an anti-twist mechanism to prevent injuries and prevent moisture from getting soaked in the shoes.

Reducing friction and odor are the most important properties your socks should have.

Knowing the fabric for sports ankle socks:

When shopping for sports ankle socks, keep in mind that your fabric will help in providing proper protection and in some cases, increase your performance.

Some different types of fabrics to look for are:

    • Wool: It is considered the best material for socks. Wool socks made from soft and non-itchy fiber are great, but it is also the most expensive. Wool, besides, cannot be worn in summer.

Merino wool is a popular option for athletes and runners as it preserves the heat when wet. It is a good choice of fabric for winter activities such as hiking, skiing, and snowboarding.

  • Nylon and acrylic: Synthetic fibers blend to make cushioned and padded socks. Acrylic is added to provide support and nylon is added for durability. Both fibers help wick away moisture.

  • Cotton: Cotton alone is not cut out for sports socks but when blended with other materials it becomes durable to use.

  • Bamboo: An eco-friendly fiber made of bamboo. It is more absorbent than cotton and wicks away the sweat from your feet and prevents infections.

Benefits of Sports Ankle Bamboo Socks:

Choosing bamboo fiber for your sports socks is a choice with many benefits.

    • Reduce odor: Bamboo fiber socks have Bamboo Kun which is a naturally occurring antimicrobial bio-agent. It protects the feet against germs and keeps your feet odorless even after an intense workout.

    • Keeps feet dry: Bamboo fiber absorbs moisture from the feet and wicks it away in the atmosphere. Whether you are in the gym doing a high-intensity workout or snowboarding in the mountains your feet will remain dry and comfortable.

    • Super soft: Bamboo socks are super soft, and almost feel like silk. The fabric is so soft that it will not cause blisters on your feet.

    • Temperature regulation: Bamboo provides thermoregulatory properties which maintain the temperature of your feet throughout. Wear these socks in cold temperatures while skiing or at the gym, your feet will be at the most comfortable temperature.

The temperature regulation of bamboo makes it an ideal property for socks. Your feet will be warm during cold weather and cool during summer.

    • Anti-microbial: As stated earlier, bamboo has Bamboo Kun. This bamboo Kun helps protect your feet and toenails against disease-causing germs. Your bamboo fiber socks will help prevent bacterial and fungal infections.

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Your choice of sports ankle socks depends on your activity and personal preference. The socks that are good for cycling may not be the best for the gym. Each sock provides a different kind of comfort and property.

Your socks should provide you with comfort, proper gripping, ventilation, temperature regulation, and prevent blisters.

Picking the right quality socks for your athletic needs should keep your feet dry, fresh and odorless so that you can continue practicing and performing your best.