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Is looking good at work really important? Is this going to be another beauty versus brains debate? No! A professional look is a well-groomed appearance. And, the devil is in the details of each perfect and pleasing person. Ever noticed their socks? Talking Sox shows you how to nail a polished professional look with its Classic Crew collection. 


Women and fashion go hand in hand. They always aim to look fashionable rather than not. And, history is witness to the fact that women have led and changed the industry over the ages.

Now, women wear crew socks not only because they can match any ensemble, but because it adds a great sense of flair and elegance that most men often miss. When a woman wears crew socks, she can easily be spotted as someone with presence, and she might also be known for her unique style statement.

In earlier times crew socks were worn by people who needed to wear their shoes and always stay on their feet. These kinds of socks are a stylish way to stay warm in chilly weather and keep your feet dry and odorless.

Rules for Buying Crew Socks for Women:

Women who wear crew socks are seen as fashion icons. Some style it with flat shoes, some wear heels. They work well with both kinds of footwear.

In fact, since women have jumped the bandwagon of wearing socks that are visible, our shoes have taken a fashion curve too. We have added fun to our styling.

Some of our top styling rules are:

Pick the right outfit: Choosing the right outfit is important because you want to pick a color that will match the rest of your outfit. If you are wearing a black t-shirt and jeans, then opt for black socks. Try the black I am Chic from the Talking Sox crew socks collection.

If you are wearing a white shirt and jeans, then opt for white socks. Similarly, match your socks with the color of your t-shirt.

Choose patterns for your crew socks: Choose some funky, cool, or elegant patterns for your crew socks styling. You can mix and match patterns together or stick to one theme throughout.

Choose the setup that complements your entire outfit. If you think patterns are a little tricky, you can mix and match different colors for a more bold and stylish statement.

Choose the fabric wisely: The trickiest yet the most important of making a choice is the fabric. Depending on your needs and activities you should be choosing the socks' fabric. You can try our range of bamboo socks for something casual and formal. What's the best part? They are thermoregulatory by nature, which means your feet stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Style Recommendations for Crew Socks for Women:

There are plenty of ways to style your crew socks, so let us look at some creative ideas that will help you look great no matter where you go or what occasion it is:

  • Pair it with jeans: Ready to let the sparks with a simple twist to your outfit? Put on your favorite pair of jeans and pair them with a blazer. Add a pair of neutral-coloured socks to keep you warm while channelling a classic formal look.

  • Pair it with loafers: Prep the outfit by wearing crew socks and make anything look funky. Style your clothing with sneakers or loafers and trousers or pleated skirts.

  • With chunky sneakers: Scrunch up your cozy crew socks, and style them with your big chunky sneakers. Create a visual surprise and enjoy a comfortable outing.

  • Fitness gear: Whether it is comfortable or vintage, pairing your crew socks would look stylish and appealing when worn with active wear. If you are a gym member or enjoy staying active by running, cycling, etc, this is the best pick for you.

  • Casual outfit: Can't think of other ways to wear your crew socks? Just wear them for your casual look of a simple t-shirt/top with leggings. Pairing the look with crew socks will simply add a layer of style, fashion, and fun.

  • Long skirts are in: Long-length skirts are a hit trend for 2022-23. You can complete this trending outfit by adding a top or shirt and pair the outfit with crew socks.

  • Pair it with summer outfits: Trying to keep your feet warm while beating the summer heat? Some of us get cold feet. Pull your warm snugly crew socks over your cold feet and pair them with a nice sundress or shorts to brighten up the day and your smile. Pair them with slip-on shoes to create some pop in your outfit.

  • Try heels: We know the celebrity trends are not always easy to follow. Here is a DIY idea: Pair your crew socks with platform heels with a mini skirt or short dress giving it a retro, pop look.

Buy Crew Socks for Women from TalkingSox:

We are a small business that is dedicated to making socks you will keep loving. They are the softest, most comfortable bamboo fiber socks you will ever own. Some of the major features of our socks are:

  • Moisture absorption technology: Bamboo fiber provides moisture absorbing and wicking technology that makes sure your sweat gets absorbed. Bamboo fiber is hollow, so it provides ventilation to keep your feet fresh for long hours.

  • Anti-blister: This fabric is super soft, it almost feels like silk. This silk-like softness reduces blisters and abrasions caused. You will always feel the feather-like softness on your feet.

  • Odorless: Sweaty feet and bacteria cause our feet to stink. But you do not have to worry about stinky feet with bamboo socks. Because your feet will remain dry, sweat-free, and odorless for long hours.

  • Anti-bacterial: Bamboo Kun is an antimicrobial bioagent for bamboo plants. It gives the plant the ability to reduce and fight germs. The same property is restored in bamboo fiber products.

Bamboo socks will help reduce the growth of germs on the feet and reduces fungal and bacterial infections of the feet and toenails.

Temperature-regulation technique: Bamboo helps regulate the temperature of your feet all the time. It ensures your feet remain at the optimum body temperature irrespective of the weather outside.

This thermoregulatory property makes bamboo socks best for all seasons because your feet will remain cool during summer and warm during winters.

We are proud to offer a variety of bamboo fiber socks. Click here to check out the collection here.


Crew socks are an essential part of any wardrobe. While they are perfect for wearing around the house, they do not necessarily have to remain in their original packaging. Whip them out, take them to town!

When you buy Talking Sox bamboo socks, you are buying high-quality and durable socks. Made of 100% natural bamboo fiber, you can wear our socks in any kind of weather.

We recommend them for hiking, running, biking, or even just lounging around the house.