Loafer Liners Launch

Talking Sox launches its colorful loafer liners made from bamboo fiber. Get an exclusive look into the process behind these fabulous, environmentally friendly products!

What is your story?

In our two-feet journey, we found socks that were happy and those flew solo, but they would not talk to us. All we wanted was some gossip out of nothing. We walked on the path with this simple scheme where socks would convey our feelings while keeping our feet warm and comfortable.

Our vision was to create socks that were luxurious, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. Whichever socks you pick, we hope their chattering will help uplift your sole.

What are loafer liners?

No-show socks reach below your ankle. As the name suggests, they are not visible when one wears their shoes over these socks. No-show socks are also called loafer liners or invisible socks.

They protect your feet from friction, absorb sweat, and prevent blisters without detracting from your favorite shoes.

What inspired the design of your socks?

A large part of fashion culture is set by rappers, bike messengers, and basketball players. These define the "hip-hop style".

This large, diverse group of people tends to do a lot of running around. Due to so much physical activity, they need socks that won't ruin their look but still provide the hygiene benefits of regular socks.

The emerging trend of no-show socks is such that many people are switching to them, depending on their outfits.

We wanted to cater to the growing demand for loafer liners and add our little twist to them.

Who is your target audience?

It's a pretty broad group! People from various professions, retired people, stay-at-home spouses, young adults, people with certain health issues, etc.

We wanted to make sure our loafer liners were useful for everyone. They can be worn in professional spaces, gyms, or even at home as loungewear.

What is different about your loafer liners?

Our loafer liners are made of bamboo fiber material, which boasts benefits like prevention of growth of bacteria on nails and toes, excellent ventilation, etc. Read full benefits here

The uniquely designed loafer liners come with an anti-slip mechanism that will not slip off your feet even during rigorous workouts.

Our socks also have thematic differences. They are a perfect marriage of professionalism and creativity.

The color combinations are such that they can match your professional outfits if any part of the sock is visible. At the same time, the text on the socks brings out the fun, witty person in you.

What are the benefits of loafer liners?

Most people like no-show socks for the following reasons:

  1. They are not visible

    The best thing about loafer liners is that, once worn beneath loafers, they are not visible.

    Loafer liners are designed to be virtually invisible for shoes that expose the foot, like loafers for men, and bellies for women. Since they are discreet, they do not spoil the look of the outfit.

  2. They give you all the benefits of wearing regular socks

    Despite their design, loafer liners provide you with the full benefits of wearing socks. They absorb moisture, provide anti-bacterial protection, help in reducing the chances of athlete's foot, and reduce bad odor.

How many colors do your socks come in?

Our loafer liners fall in three different series.

  1. Ever Ready series

    These loafer liners come in orange. Orange is considered a gender-neutral color, so it can be worn by everyone. The color is associated with joy, warmth, sunshine, encouragement, success, so wear them when you want to do a little happy dance.

  2. Peeka Blue series

    These come in royal blue. Studies show that people's primary preference for colors is blue. Blue is often associated with freedom, imagination, loyalty, and depth. The name is a modification of "peekaboo", game played with infants. 

  3. See Me series

    The See Me series comes in two variations.

    One is with green at the base, combined with yellow at the heel and toe areas. The other is yellow at the base, combined with sky blue at the heels and toes.

    Yellow is associated with deities in many religions, especially Hinduism. It signifies happiness, optimism, and creativity. Green is a symbol of ecology and the environment and signifies growth. Sky blue is associated with the sky and gives a feeling of calmness and serenity.

    All the color combinations were made keeping in mind the effects colors have on people's behavior.

What is special about the socks?

Apart from the themes and thoughts, we focused on making our socks environmentally friendly.

  1. Our socks are biodegradable and have antibacterial properties, which help prevent the growth of fungus on nails and toes.

  2. Bamboo Kun fights pests and bugs naturally. This means bamboo shoots do not require pesticides or insecticides that harm our environment.

  3. Bamboo fiber socks absorb moisture quickly, keeping your feet fresh and dry for longer periods.

  4. Their thermoregulatory properties keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer.

  5. Socks made from the bamboo fiber are soft and do not cause abrasions. Hence, they are a desirable choice for people with sensitive skin.

Check out our full collection here!