Healthy is the best feeling.

Socks have improved over the years to meet the changing demands of consumers. Healthy feet are a door to a healthy body, and we need to be wise in our habits.

Let's find out how to maintain healthy feet.

What are health socks?

Health socks are a pair of socks that help to maintain the health of your feet. They are largely made of bamboo fiber, which limits the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi on our feet. The antimicrobial and anti-odor properties of these socks help in keeping our feet hygienic. Furthermore, health socks contain proper cushioning that provides support.

They are, mostly, worn by people suffering from diabetes, hypertension, circulatory issues, and swollen feet and legs.

Are cotton socks a good choice for healthy feet?

Men and women alike prefer cotton socks since there is always a wide variety of colors, designs, and lengths to choose from. But 100% cotton socks are more harmful than helpful. They hold moisture, which can causes blisters and leads to fungal infections. Cotton socks are also known to cause skin abrasions, rashes, and chafing.

Does wearing socks all day lead to healthy feet?

There have been many myths regarding wearing socks all day. Some claim that wearing socks 24/7 leads to fungal growth and odor , while others say it prevents your feet from "breathing".

But wearing clean socks is perfectly healthy. In fact, in many cases, it is advised that people wear socks to maintain healthy feet. If you keep your feet clean and wear fresh socks every day, there should be no health problems.

Should you wear socks in summer for healthy feet?

Four reasons why you should wear socks in summer:

  • Prevent Bromodosis

    Bromodosis or smelly feet is a common medical condition that is caused by bacterial growth on the feet. These bacteria feed on the sweat of our feet and cause a foul smell. The best way to avoid the embarrassment of smelly feet is to maintain good hygiene and wear good-quality socks, which you can find here.

  • Shield for feet

    Good quality socks reduce the friction between our feet and shoes. They act as a protective shield for our feet and prevent wounds, rashes, and blisters caused due to friction.

  • Keep sweat away

    Summers, sports practices, etc. cause our feet to get sweaty and invite bacteria. A good pair of socks will soak the moisture from your feet, leaving your feet dry and fresh.

  • Skin protection

    Socks protect our feet from dirt, pollution, heat, cracking, dryness, and chafing, keeping them hygienic and smooth.

Is it healthy to sleep in socks?

Wash your socks

Be kind to your feet.

The thermoregulatory effect of the human body facilitates the maintenance of body temperature in changing weather.

This is the reason our body becomes hot in winters and cools down in summers. This heating and cooling experience happens throughout the day as per an individual's circadian rhythm.

Research suggests that wearing socks may help lower the body temperature and help you sleep faster. This is because blood flow to the hands and feet is increased.

In some cases, people have reported better sleep quality.

Do healthy feet mean better sleep hygiene?

Falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer constitute important parts of your sleep hygiene. Healthy sleep hygiene means having daily routines and a bedroom environment that promote consistent, uninterrupted sleep.

It is important for both physical and mental health and helps in improving productivity and overall quality of life.

Some tips to ensure healthy:

  • Wear a clean pair of socks

  • Wearing socks to bed improve sleep quality

  • Wash dirty socks in hot water to kill bacteria

  • Clean your feet with water and soap

  • Ensure that you do not wear socks while your feet are still wet


It is important to maintain healthy feet to be able to have a healthy body. Socks provide good conditions for people to be able to sleep faster and better.

To get started on having healthy feet and better sleep, consider these soft, eco-friendly socks.