Top Five Ladies’ Socks Every Woman Should Own

A good pair of socks can put a bright smile on your face.

You ask why? Because the wrong pair of socks can cause blisters, discomfort, and odor.

Do you remember a time when you were uncomfortable the entire day because your feet were ‘killing you’? We can. That’s why, when we design socks, we want to make sure that your feet feel relaxed as you power through your day.

Today, we are going to list a few sock drawer must-haves for women. Whether you want to pair it with a formal outfit or keep it casual, we have an answer to all your sock-queries. Read on.


Ladies! Are you ignoring your sock drawer? Are you just making do with the same old boring socks? If you change your wardrobe each season, it is time to pay attention to your sock collection and give it a little colour and oomph.

These are some of the most common problems we have faced with regular socks.

  • They get smelly

  • Fabric is rough and causes blisters

  • Some fabrics are expensive

  • Does not protect against germs and infections

  • Some fabrics lock the moisture and keep feet sweaty

  • If all works well, then, stocking up on different fabric socks for different seasons

Wonder what you have been struggling with? Share your experiences in the comment section. At Talking Sox, we believe that a good pair of shoes beg for a good pair of socks.

And, if you have been looking for socks that give you a comfortable, natural fit, try socks made of bamboo fibre. Are bamboo socks real? Yes, they are. Here are a few reasons for you to get yourself a pair now.

Once you own a pair from our recommendation list, you won’t want to go back to itchy, odor retaining socks again. Trust us you will love them.

Types of ladies’ socks to have:

Basics first.

Depending on your footwear choices and preferences, here is a handy list for you.

    • Loafer socks: These are no-show socks that keep your office- look neat while making sure your socks do not cause blisters and odor.

    • Ankle socks: Everybody needs a bright pair of ankle socks for a dash of color to match their sneakers or casual shoes.

    • Sports ankle socks: When you are burning those extra calories at the gym, you need firm support for the soles of your feet. Socks help in giving extra cushioning to the arch of your feet.

And, if you get a pair from TalkingSox, your feet will stay dry and odor-free during workouts.

  • Crew socks: A perfectly themed pair of crew socks to match ideally with your minis and midis.

  • Sports crew socks: Heading for a hike or trek? Or are you a cyclist? If yes, make sure your socks can take care of your feet and calves and function as a protective layer between your shoes and feet.

Now, let us come to a particularly important question.

Top fabrics for ladies’ socks:

There are so many occasions we use our socks, but we never gave any thought to the fabric. We wore our casual cotton socks to all events. But that is not how it should be!

Socks are basic styling accessory that helps protect your feet. Besides, socks help you keep your feet healthy. To learn more about healthy feet, read here.

Some of the most common fabrics for socks are:

  • Cotton: Widely used fabric for socks, cotton socks are soft and comfortable to wear. The problem with cotton socks is:

    • Absorb the sweat but do not dry it

    • Causes blisters and infections

    • Causes odor

    • Chemical dye causes risk of infections and triggers allergies

  • Polyester: A synthetic fabric most famous for its durability, polyester socks will make you sweat more than cotton socks and they are bad for the environment.

  • Wool: Best suited for colder regions, they are a brilliant insulator and ensure that our feet stay warm. It absorbs a high amount of moisture but is uncomfortable for summer and takes a lot of maintenance.  

  • Silk: An expensive fabric, mostly used in blends, is smooth and a moisture-absorbing fabric with insulating properties. This fabric can also be worn mostly in winter.

Which is the best fabric to choose?

Some people may say there is no “best” fabric when it comes to socks. But there is.

Bamboo is the best fabric for socks. And here is our list of reasons:

    • Moisture-wicking technology: Bamboo fiber has moisture-wicking capabilities that absorb sweat. The microscopic holes of the bamboo fiber provide ventilation that keeps feet fresh for long hours.

    • Thermoregulatory: Temperature regulation properties of bamboo help maintain the temperature of the feet. They make sure your feet are always in homeostasis.

This property helps make sure your feet remain cool in summer and warm in winter.

  • Anti-blister: Bamboo is a soft fabric, like silk, with a higher thread count. The softness of the fabric helps reduce the chances of blisters and abrasions.

  • Anti-microbial: Bamboo has Bamboo Kun which is a natural anti-microbial bio-agent. It reduces the growth of germs on the feet and helps prevent fungal and bacterial infections.

  • Odor resistant: Sweaty feet and bacteria cause the feet to stink. With bamboo socks, the feet remain dry and sweat-free and thus making your feet odorless.

Our recommended picks of ladies’ socks:

Here are our top 5 recommendations from the TalkingSox collection of ladies’ socks are:

  • Ever Ready Loafer Liners:


    • No-show socks with anti-slip technology

    • Lightweight and durable

    • Prevents blisters, fungal infections

    • Comfortable and seamless

    • Super soft with odor resistance

Shop for Ever Ready Loafer Liners here.

  • Peeka Blue Ankle Socks


    • Curated with sweat absorption technology

    • Thermoregulatory with anti-blister technology

    • Prevents fungal and bacterial infections

    • Super soft, comfortable, and durable

    • Perfect for people with sensitive skin

Shop for Peeka Blue Ankle socks here.

  • Game On Sports Ankle Socks


      • Designed with padding and cushioning on the soles

      • Ventilated breathable mesh for odorless experience

      • Anti-twist mechanism to prevent injuries and sprains

      • Maintains homeostasis by regulating the feet temperature

    Shop for Game On Sports Ankle Socks here.

  • Break Free Crew Socks


    • Theme-based design for style statement

    • Comfortable, durable, soft

    • Anti-blister, anti-microbial, odorless

    • Keeps feet dry, fresh, and healthy for long hours

Shop for Break Free Crew Socks here.

  • I am #Chic Crew Trainer Socks


    • Thick, cushioned socks for protecting the soles

    • Comfortable and long to protect shins and calves from bruises during hiking or cycling

    • Absorbs sweat faster and keeps feet dry

    • Ventilated mesh to regulate feet temperature and improve performance

Shop for I am #Chic Socks here.

Shop for our complete collection here.

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Put more consideration into choosing your socks. After all, they are the most important piece of gear, after shoes.

Finding the perfect pair of socks for your needs requires a little bit of research and patience.

Look out for your requirements from the socks, the perfect fabric that suits your requirement, the fit, and the material. All these are important aspects of you having painless, odorless, and comfortable feet.

Shop wise and shop for comfortable healthy feet, ladies!