Celebrate This World Music Day with Dance Socks

The world becomes more beautiful with the sound of your favorite music.

Some of the songs from our playlists lighten our mood and suddenly make a horrible day into a day that-is-not-so-bad.

World Music Day is on 21st June, and we can’t stop ourselves from wearing our dancing socks.

Read on to learn more about World Music Day and how you can celebrate the day with Dotty Dancing socks!


Making music goes back at least 35,000 years. Every culture has its form of music with a distinct and unique style. It is a creative outlet that has many health benefits.

World Music Day:

World Music Day celebrates all forms of music and their effects on us. It was launched by the Ministry of Culture France in 1982. They wanted free live music to reach everybody, no matter their heritage or background.

No matter the genre of music you enjoy, this day is the perfect opportunity to try learning a new instrument or listen to music that you would not normally listen to.

Benefits of listening to music:

Listening to music has several positive effects on your health and mental well-being. Music improves your mood, decreases anxiety, and eases emotional expression.

Music therapy is used by many hospice care centers along with conventional treatment. Some of the benefits to note are:

    • Healthy for the heart: music makes blood flow easier. It reduces the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and decreases the stress hormone cortisol. Music increases serotonin and endorphin levels in the blood.

    • Elevates mood: music boosts the brain’s production of the hormone dopamine. Increased dopamine helps in reducing anxiety and stress.

    • Reduces stress: research has found that listening to music relieves stress by biochemical stress reducers present in the body. 

    • Manages and eases pain: music therapy can help in pain management and reduce the perceived intensity of pain.

    • Increases workout endurance: listening to tracks that are meant for a workout boosts physical performance and increases endurance during a tough exercise session.

To know more about the benefits of music read the research here.

Why do you need dance socks?

Now that we have introduced the World of Music to you, grab onto our Dotty Dancing collection of dance socks for men and women.

Some reasons why dancers prefer wearing dancing socks or socks in general are:

    • Socks act as a barrier: socks protect the feet of the dancers while dancing or performing and prevent the feet from rubbing against the fabric of the shoes.

They also act as a barrier between the skin of the dancer and the shoes, allowing comfort to the dancer.

  • Practice friendly: many dancers prefer wearing socks while practicing because dancing barefoot is uncomfortable. It also allows the dancer to glide across the dance floor with ease.

  • Prevents injury: the protective layering of the socks helps in preventing injury that can occur during practice sessions

  • Prevents blisters: wearing socks while dancing also helps prevent blisters. The socks wick away the moisture from the feet. With the absence of moisture, the chances of getting blisters are reduced.

Therefore, we introduce you to our Dotty Dancing collection.

TS Dotty Dancing collection:

Dotty Dancing Crew socks are curated and designed to take care of all the dancer’s requirements and give them the pleasure of healthy and strong feet.

They are made of 100% bamboo fiber socks that are biodegradable. The cheerful patterns on the socks are designed keeping in mind the fun and joy that comes from listening to your favorite song and dancing on them.

Some of the major benefits of wearing these bamboo fiber socks are:

    • Made of bamboo fiber: socks made of natural bamboo fiber are environmentally friendly. The properties of bamboo also help you in keeping your feet healthy.

    • Bamboo Kun: bamboo has a natural bio-agent called Bamboo Kun. This can fight pests and germs. This also helps keep the fabric naturally odor-resistant.

Dotty dancing gives you the comfort of soft bamboo and keeps your feet fresh and odorless.

  • Moisture-wicking technology: bamboo fiber has moisture absorption and wicking away technology that absorbs the sweat quickly and wicks the sweat.

This keeps your feet dry for long hours.

  • Temperature regulation: bamboo fiber socks have insulating properties that help maintain the temperature of the feet. This way it helps keep the feet warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • Super Soft: bamboo is a soft fabric just like silk. This helps in making sure that you don’t feel the weight of the socks on your feet and the fabric will not cause abrasions.

  • Anti-blister: the super-soft property of bamboo socks also makes sure that socks don’t rub against your feet causing abrasions or blisters.

  • Prevents infections: not wearing socks for activities can cause feet to sweat which makes the perfect environment for bacteria and fungi to grow. These microbes cause fungal and bacterial infections.

Bamboo socks keep your feet dry and fresh thus reducing your chances of getting infections.

  • Hypoallergenic: bamboo fiber is a better fabric than cotton and polyester because it does not cause or trigger allergies.

It is a perfect fabric for people with sensitive skin or who suffer from skin allergies.

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Next time you feel the funk, crank up your favorite song, put on your dancing socks, and dance like nobody’s watching.