Bamboo Fiber Benefits

A versatile, environmental friendly and sustainable natural fiber helping us meet our modern demands while taking care of our environment. 

Bamboo fiber

Temperature Regulation

temperature Socks maintain a regular temperature. They allow your feet to breathe in summer and provide warmth in winter.

Moisture Prevention

moisture Absorbs four times more moisture which helps in reducing the presence of bacteria. Your feet will remain drier and more comfortable, with less odour.


anti bacterial Contains an anti-microbial bio-agent called bamboo kun that helps prevent conditions like athlete's foot and fungal infections.


sustainable Grows quickly, doesn't require pesticides, and benefits the soil in which it grows.


softness Has a silk-like softness. It is softer than cotton or synthetic, and helps in reducing the risk of blisters.


non allergenic Has non-allergenic properties that help people with sensitive skin prevent skin allergies or irritations.