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Why judge a fabric by its name?

We understand that you cannot imagine bamboo as a soft, lush fabric. It is difficult, considering all you have ever seen of bamboo is in a scaffolding or an untamed thicket. How could something that hard or wild be super soft? Well, not everything is what it seems.

Fabric sockFabric sock

Bamboo pulp can be used to extract fibres.

Unlike synthetic fibres, these are hollow in nature and allow air to pass through easily. When woven into a garment, such as socks, this natural property makes it highly absorbent and breathable. Talkingsox gets its moisture wicking powers from the natural construction of bamboo fibre. But that's not all.


Since this property is retained by the fibre, garments created out of bamboo fibre come loaded with an anti-microbial feature.

Some of you find it hard to believe that bamboo fibre is as soft as a baby’s bottom.


There is only way to find out. Try a pair. Not only will you be surprised by its softness, but chances are also you might go on about its resemblance to silk. 

Pair socksPair socks

Now, it looks good, and it feels good.

What's next?

You might end up thinking this is too good to be true. Well, bamboo fibre is fickle. It changes with the seasons. It makes you feel warm in winter and cool in the summer!

Haven’t made up your mind yet?
Bamboo fibre is also lightweight by the way. Feels like nothing!

  • fiber


    Natural fiber, like bamboo

  • softness


    Longer life, elasticity, comfort, and texture

  • eco friendly


    Eco-friendly packaging, with recyclable paper

For those who are interested in environmental impact, please note that growing bamboo uses less water and land resources. At Talkingsox, our goal is to create a line of products that do not upset the natural world and to provide consumers with a better choice.

We are not here to save the planet. But we want to change the marketplace. 


Don’t judge a fabric by its name. 

Working with bamboo has taught us many lessons. Start small. Keep going. Protecting the planet is a life-long commitment. Our goal is to get this party started.

To make matters worse, this humble, hard-working fabric works best for people with sensitive skin because it controls the growth of bacteria, remember? So, no more allergies or rashes. The scaffolding looks a lot different now, doesn’t it?