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New fashion trends keep evolving and people like to get on board.

Recently, the trend has been to hop onto the bamboo socks train, and we love it.

Fascinated? Here are our top recommendations for these super-soft bamboo socks.


People are buying more bamboo products as they are sustainable and environmentally friendly. One of their favorites is bamboo socks. Bamboo socks have many advantages and what people love about bamboo socks is how they feel: super soft.

Bamboo fiber socks are durable, and comfortable. They take care of your feet and nails and help preserve the environment.

We curated the blog to help you with our recommendations of top soft socks in the industry. This way you do not have to waste your time looking for the best soft socks made of bamboo.

Soft socks available in other fabrics:

To help reduce your agony about the fabric material, we have brought this list for you:

  • Cashmere: If you are ready to splurge then Cashmere is for you. Cashmere socks are soft, smooth, and luxurious to the touch.

    But it is a warm fabric, and these socks will add to your winter collection.

  • Merino wool: Merino wools are comfortable and soft on your feet. They also regulate your temperature and provide cushion to your feet.

    But you can't wear your merino wool socks in summer.

  • Silk: Super luxurious, expensive, and colorful, silk is expensive and made for winter.

    Besides, silk doesn't wick away moisture. It absorbs it and stores it.

  • Synthetic: Super comfortable and stretchy fabric, synthetic fiber is budget-friendly. Synthetic fibers have anti-odor technology and elasticity that makes them perfect sportswear.

The biggest issue with synthetic fibers is they are harmful to the environment. Synthetic fibers are chemical-based which causes allergies in some people.

Why we recommend soft bamboo socks:

soft bamboo socks

Lil' sole, big impact. © Talking Sox

Even though the odor is rarely a sign of health issues, sometimes, foot infections also cause odor. Consult a doctor immediately if you see any signs of infection or if the smell does not get better.

Many fabrics are soft, cozy and comfortable but our recommendation is to go with bamboo fiber. It is because they are:

  • Multi-purpose: Bamboo is a versatile fiber. It provides many benefits to you and helps you with a lot of everyday issues. One of them is the regulation of temperature.

    Bamboo socks provide warmth to your feet in winter and keep your feet cool in summer. This makes it an all-rounder sock. You do not have to buy different socks for different seasons. Stay cool in summer and cozy in winter.

  • Durable: Natural properties of bamboo in socks provide long-lasting durability. Bamboo has a high tolerance for wear and tear and is UV resistant up to 98% times.

    Besides, bamboo socks have impressive elasticity that provides optimal flexibility. Stay as active as you want in these socks, and they will return to their original shape.

  • Moisture-wicking technology: Bamboo's inherent property makes it a perfect fabric for socks. Bamboo socks absorb the moisture or sweat from the feet and wick it away. It does not hold moisture. This keeps your feet fresh, dry, and healthy.

    This makes sure the feet are dry and there are no chances of fungal and bacterial infections.

  • Odorless: Struggling with smelly feet and foul feet odor once you take your shoes off? Worry not, because bamboo has you covered. Bamboo has bamboo Kun that has rare and impressive quality. It is a natural anti-microbial bio agent that makes bamboo fiber pest resistant.

    Since there is no bacterial growth and your feet are dry, your feet will not smell. Enjoy!

  • Anti-blister: Bamboo fiber makes soft socks. They do not rub against your skin to cause blisters. Also, there is no moisture on your feet to cause friction. Thus, preventing blisters.

The silk-like softness of bamboo makes them perfect for people with sensitive skin.

5 must-have socks from the TalkingSox collection

No show/ loafer liners:

Pair with: Sneakers, bellies, heels

Colors: Black, White, Royal blue, Sky blue, Orange, Yellow-Sky blue, Yellow-Green, Grey


  • Anti-slip loafers that regulate the temperature of the feet

  • Made of bamboo fiber that keeps it lightweight and durable

  • Helps in preventing blisters and infections

  • Keeps feet dry, fresh, and odorless

  • Comfortable socks with no seams

Shop our loafer liners here.

Ankle socks

Colors: Black, White, Grey, Sky blue


  • Premium quality bamboo fiber used, sustainable

  • Curated with moisture-wicking technology

  • Thermoregulatory and prevents blisters

  • Help prevents fungal and bacterial infections of feet and nails

  • Super soft; perfect for people with sensitive skin

Shop our ankle socks collection here.

Ankle trainers:

Pair with: Trainers, sports shoes, sneakers, casuals

Colors: Sky Blue, Pink, Brown


  • Internally padded and cushioned for feet protection

  • Ventilated breathable mesh with moisture-wicking technology

  • Anti-twist mechanism to prevent injuries

  • Regulated feet temperature by maintaining homeostasis

  • Keeps feet fresh, odorless and blister-free

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Crew socks:

Pair with: Heels, sports shoes, sneakers, casuals, bellies

Colors: Colors: Multicoloured


  • Theme-based designs to match different personalities

  • Comfortable, super soft, and durable

  • Made of bamboo that helps prevent blisters and infections

  • Provides coverage to the shins and calves

  • Keeps feet dry, fresh, and odorless for long hours

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Crew trainers:

Pair with:: Hiking boots, long boots, heels, casuals, sneakers

Colors: Blue, Black


  • Thick, cushioned soles with padding inside

  • Long length to protect feet and shin from bruises, sprains

  • Anti-blister, anti-microbial and comfortable

  • Absorb moisture from feet and keeps them dry

  • Regulates temperature and provides comfort

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With soft socks made of bamboo, you get comfortable, cozy, and healthy feet. Besides, you will be helping the environment because they are biodegradable.

Though cashmere, merino wool, and silk are luxurious and comfortable fabrics too, you cannot wear them in summer, and they are expensive. Synthetic fibers provide softness, but they are not a sustainable choice.

We take an extra step in protecting our environment by providing sustainable socks. Our packaging material consists of 100% biodegradable bags and handmade paper. We work to make sure our carbon footprint gets reduced at each step.

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