The right pair makes all the difference.

When it comes to getting our sports kits ready, socks don't often come to mind. We spend time and money on finding the best shoes, but tend to forget that sports socks are essential for our sporting needs.

Read our beginner's guide to understand what sports socks are and how they are important for your feet.


Running, football, cycling, and hiking all have one thing in common: they require the involvement of the legs.

But most people focus on selecting the right shoes. It is important, no doubt, but complementing the right shoes with the right type of socks will give you an opportunity for better performance.

Let us learn some basics about sports socks and some things to keep in mind before choosing the right pair of socks.

What are sports socks?

Sports socks are essential gear for people who take part in sports or high-intensity activities. Essentially the sports socks are meant to improve performance.

Sport socks hold your socks, give padding to the feet, and act as a protective layer between your feet and shoes. They also protect you from hurting your feet while playing.

Advantages of using sports socks:

Wearing the right pair of socks for any sport provides the following benefits:

  • No blisters: wearing the wrong socks can cause blisters due to excessively sweaty feet.

  • Protects from injuries: the right kind of socks provides extra support, aids your performance, and helps prevent injuries. In high-intensity sports, jumping and running can put stress on the feet.

  • Feet stay healthy: feet that breathe freely stay healthy. The sweat on your feet within that environment leads to the growth of germs that causes infection of the feet and nails.

  • Protects vulnerable areas: superior quality thick socks protect your feet from getting hurt or bruised due to shrubs or surroundings. They also protect your feet from getting injured in vulnerable areas of the feet.

  • Comfortable: socks need to protect your feet and keep them healthy; they need to provide comfort as well.

Sports socks by activities:

  • Running: superior quality running socks should have cushioned zones, be lightweight, and the moisture should have sweat wick technology to keep your feet dry and odorless.

    Read more about running socks here.

  • Football: cushioned sole and extra padding around the vulnerable areas of the foot-like ankles and toes. The football socks should be long, have stretch, and not bunch or slip. Besides, they should eliminate sweat and prevent the growth of microbes on your feet.

  • Cycling: cycling is a less intense activity that doesn't require cushion and padding. You can wear thin socks that keep you sweat-free. Avoid cotton socks as they absorb moisture but don't let the moisture dry out.

    To know more about cycling socks, read here.

  • Hiking: hiking socks should function by providing a nice grip on your feet for you to feel minimal fatigue. Lightweight, seamless, and snuggle socks with slight compression are perfect for hiking purposes.

    The socks should help avoid issues such as plantar fasciitis and bunions. Seamlessness will help you in avoiding blisters and make your hike more comfortable.

    Know more about choosing the right hiking socks here.

Choose the right sports socks:

Thick blended sports socks are the most appropriate for your sporting needs. The socks should be able to provide the following advantages:

  • Temperature regulation: whether you play in summer or winter, your socks should be able to maintain the temperature of your feet. Your socks should keep your feet dry and warm throughout the game.

  • Moisture absorption: bamboo socks provide the best moisture absorption to keep the feet dry, fresh and odorless. Besides bamboo, wool provides moisture-wicking technology, but wool can't be worn in summer.

  • Cushioning: lookout for socks that provide padding and support to the heels, and the toes. This cushioning of the feet helps protect feet from sprains and prevents blisters.

    Remember padding takes space, so your shoes can feel a bit tight.

  • Ventilated mesh: your socks should have a ventilated mesh that allows the moisture to dry and keep your feet fresh.

  • Compression: compression in the socks exerts gentle pressure to promote blood circulation and increase oxygen to the muscles.

  • Slippage and bunching: make sure the socks' material is tight at the right places like the toe area, which keeps the socks in place.

  • Odor control: this is related to your feet being dry. If your socks dry the moisture quickly, the germs that grow in sweaty environments will not have a chance. Thus, helping you control odor on the feet.

  • Prevent infections: as the feet remain dry and there is no growth of germs, your socks reduce the risk of fungal infections of the foot and nails. Using bamboo fiber socks can help prevent infections as the fiber helps in reducing the growth of germs.

Sports socks recommendations from the TS collection:

socks recommendations

Get that dream body.

Sports Ankle Socks- Game On:

For: Cycling, exercise, etc

Benefits: These thick socks provide the following benefits:

  • Cushioned padding to protect from strains

  • Made from bamboo fiber which helps in the prevention of blisters

  • Breathable mesh to keep your feet dry

  • Moisture absorption technology that keeps your feet sweat-free and odorless

  • An anti-twisting mechanism that provides support to the ankles

Sports Crew- I am Quick:

For: Hiking, trekking, etc

Benefits: These thick socks provide the following benefits:

  • Ventilated mesh on the top to wick away sweat, moisture

  • Long length to help protect from bruises

  • Slight compression around the ankles and toes

  • Bamboo fiber material that keeps your blister-free

  • Padding inside to make it comfortable to wear hiking or trekking boots

Sports Crew- I am #chic:

For: Football, basketball, etc

Benefits: These thick socks provide the following benefits:

  • A perfect companion for hardcore sports

  • Fully ventilated mesh from toes to calves to provide coverage under shin guards

  • Full compression on the feet to support high-intensity workouts

  • Made of bamboo fiber that keeps your feet blister-free and odorless

  • Protects from fungal infections, trench feet, extensor tendonitis, etc

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Your choice of socks will depend on your activity and preferences. Running socks may not work for hiking, and so on.

Let us know your go-to athletic socks in the comments!