Message for your soles. 

Feet carry the weight of our being. Yet they remain the most neglected of our body parts. Today, we will talk about how to maintain the health of your feet and share seven simple ways to keep them happy. They are easy to do and can be tried at home. Read on.


Health is the most valuable possession given to man. We cannot enjoy this life without good health. But good health is the result of continuous care and sometimes, it can start from the ground up. Yes, with our feet!

Foot care simply means steps involving preventive and corrective measures to improve the function of our feet. It includes plans and treatment for maintaining the general health of the feet. Keeping a tab on our feet' health can also help us detect other kinds of risks that could arise in the body.

Foot health is even more vital for people with diabetes. Diabetic patients are prone to nerve damage, which is why, preventive care is of utmost importance.

Why improve foot health?

A humble part of the body, feet make us capable of running, walking, climbing and countless other activities. Our feet have 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles and ligaments.

Some of the important benefits of improving your foot health are as follows:

  • Feet provide support: Feet act as the foundation for the upper body. It provides the entire body with support, posture, and balance and maintains overall well-being. Ongoing foot issues can cause pain and discomfort in the knees, hips, and lower back.

    Issues like flat feet can cause misalignment with the ankle and can cause back and joint pain. Since flat feet do not have the arch to provide resistance against the shocks, simple everyday tasks like walking, running, and standing affect knees and hips.

  • Feet provide leg support: Our legs have soft tissues that can get easily affected if the feet are in pain. Issues such as calf pain, stiffness, sore legs, or weakness in the legs are the result of foot problems.
  • Maintain organ health: Feet help make sure your entire body is in a healthy condition. Our feet have many sensory nerves that connect directly with our central nervous system. Besides that, the health of your feet can give you a quick check regarding health issues with other organs. A few examples are:
    • If your feet are always cold, it could mean you have poor blood circulation or high blood pressure
    • Feet ache can be due to a crack in the bone or stress fracture.
    • Clubbing of toes can be caused due to underlying factors such as lung disease, liver, and digestive disorders, or infections. We suggest you always wear comfortable shoes and visit a doctor for professional advice.
    • Swollen feet could be a sign of kidney disorder or underactive thyroid.
    • Burning feet is one of the most common problems in diabetic patients with peripheral nerve damage.

The health of your feet can mirror the overall health of your body. Besides, pain in our feet due to cracks or cramps can be generally uncomfortable and painful.

Six ways to improve your foot health:

Wash you feet

Happy feet, happy you. 

Here is the Talking Sox 101 for healthy and glowing feet.

  • Keeping them clean: Feet are most susceptible to infections as they are mostly masked with socks and shoes. Keeping your feet clean and in good condition helps you maintain your overall well-being.

    Wash with warm water and soap every day. This ensures that dirt, sweat, and bacteria do not find the environment to grow.

  • Moisturize them: Moisturize the skin before going to bed. This will help prevent cracked heels and/or itching on the feet.

    Do not moisturize between the toes. Toenails should be dry always. Wet toes can lead to Trench Foot Syndrome.

  • Cut nails regularly: Trim nails properly and carefully. They should not be too small or long. Too short nails become ingrown and cause soreness and infection while nails that are too long  harbor germs and dirt.

    Remember to trim them periodically, cut them straight across the nail, and file the edges. The right clipping technique maintains the health of your nails. For more tips, please read here.

  • Inspect frequently: Inspect your feet frequently for issues
    • Cuts
    • Cracks
    • Sores
    • Blisters
    • Bunions
    • Ingrown toenails

If you find any of these, consult your doctor right away.

  • Wear comfortable shoes: Ill-fitted shoes cause a lot of problems such as blisters, bunions, hammertoes, etc. Choose your shoe size wisely. A well-fitted pair makes all the difference. Your shoes should provide support to your feet and ankle and ensure  safety while walking.
  • Wear socks: Wearing good socks and changing them regularly is one of the easiest ways to improve foot health. Feet have sweat glands. This makes them an ideal environment for germs.

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  • Regulate the temperature of the feet

  • They wick away moisture from the feet

  • They protect feet from sun, dust, and germs

  • The soft fabric does not cause allergies or bruises

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Maintaining foot health means a regular check up on the entire body. They are the ones that sustain the pressure of the body. Caring for them is an integral part of maintaining our overall health and well-being.

Feet health 101 means keeping them clean, germ-free, and dry. Prevent issues such as cracking of the heels, wear good quality socks and shoes that fit you well and are comfortable.

Exercise regularly to make sure that your feet muscles are strengthened, and prepared to take the daily pressure of the body. Get foot massages or reflexology sessions. Make sure to wear sunscreen on your feet too if you are not wearing socks.