Time for some white on white. 

There are so many white sneakers out there and they all are uniquely stylish.

TalkingSox presents you with a comprehensive style guide so that you know what sneakers are trending currently and how to pair them.

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The sneaker culture rules our hearts. A culture of expression and stardom, sneakers scream representation and rebel. Born in the tough neighborhoods of the Bronx, sneaker culture represents taking control- of style, fashion, and personality.

Choosing the right pair of white sneakers takes planning and research. You need to know which design will fulfill most of your needs. Besides, a good pair of sneakers should not harm your pocket either. Just like other fashion trends, white sneaker shoes are a trend that never goes out of style.

Shopping for the best white sneakers is more about minimal investment and maximum benefit. A good pair of sneakers are meant for everyday use, should be comfortable, and stylish, and should be made of good quality material.

And yet, our kicks come with a vast number of choices, prices, quality, materials, and trends. How does one choose? From classic tennis sneakers to retro-inspired styles, we have made a list just for you.

Here is a list of our favorite white sneakers that are trendy and match your personal preferences and style.

Top 5 white sneakers trends:

Wash your socks

Sneakers brighten up any outfit.

A good white sneaker is multi-purpose. They are used for playing sports or physical activities. They elevate the look and make us look stylish.

  • Classic sneakers: You can never go wrong with a classic white sneaker in the wardrobe. These all-around sneakers give your outfit a modern touch.

    Style: These classic trainers can be paired with, literally, anything. Wear joggers, loose pants, or straight-fit trousers, depending on the look you want to pull off.

    Try formal trousers with these trainers and make any outfit semi-casual/semi-formal. Wear joggers with cool athleisure piece for a sportier look. Pair them with ripped jeans and a white T-shirt for a classic casual look.

  • Slip-on: Easy to wear and easy to remove, slip-on sneakers are a gift. It is a respite for those rushed times when tying laces translates to wasting more time. Just slip into these shoes and it is go time.

    These shoes are all about casual life, being active, fun, and the heart of a party.

    Style: These no-laces shoes are best paired with jeans and narrow trousers. Besides, you can pair these cool casual sneakers with shorts, skirts, and leggings. These low-profile shoes make sure your outfit stands out more than the shoes themselves.

  • Retro-runner: Retro-runner sneakers are a combination of comfort and style. They are the perfect sporty sneakers that will support the feet during rigorous gym sessions or Zumba.

    Style: Pair them with well-fitted jeans or trousers to complement your outfit and give it an edge. But our suggestion would be to pair your sneakers with joggers, track pants, or other athleisure wear.

    For a casual outing, pair your white sneakers with black slim-fit jeans and a denim shirt.

  • Hi-top sneakers: It would be wrong to mention all kinds of sneakers and not talk about the hi-top sneakers. They are a timeless silhouette and the most iconic sneakers of all time. Wear these versatile pair of white sneakers with anything.

    Style: Women can pair these white sneakers with dresses or trousers. You can also pair them with a skirt for a Sunday casual brunch with friends. Men can pair them with jeans, joggers, or trousers for a casual, athletic, or casual look, respectively.

  • Chunky trainers: A list of sneakers is incomplete unless you mention the iconic chunky trainers. They are alternatively known as "dad sneakers".

    Style: Pair them with slim-fitted jeans, cargo, joggers, suits or even chinos. Create a balance between the shoes and the lower. You can also pair straight jeans or ripped jeans with the sneakers to achieve a more casual, athletic, or cool streetwear look. Wear a neutral color upper to flaunt your classic white sneakers.


White sneakers are a fashion investment. Their appeal is never-ending. Whether you want to style your white sneakers with printed dresses or opt for a laid-back casual jeans and t-shirt combination. They are always going to be your go-to shoes.

Your favorite sneakers could be hi-top or chunky, but all your white sneakers would need footwear buddy- socks! We all need a good pair of socks that will act as a protective layer between the feet and the shoes.

Try a pair of bamboo fiber socks from TalkingSox. Why bamboo, you ask? Bamboo has many benefits. Its weave provides ventilation to the feet and provides temperature regulation. Your feet will remain warm during winter and cool in summer. This also means your feet will stay dry for longer periods.

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