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Needless to say, we are socks enthusiasts.

For us, all socks are not just fashion statements – they're important for our health.

Read on to know how to upgrade your drawer with the latest must-have socks!


Our socks requirements vary from classic pairs to funky designs. We want to keep up with the latest fashion trends while keeping our feet healthy and comfortable.

Socks protect our feet from dust, bruises, infections and blisters. Choosing the right pair of socks can be confusing, as there are many options available.

Worry not! We have curated a list of the latest must-have socks for men and women that will keep you healthy and trendy.

What to look out for

Some things help to form the perfect pair of socks.

  • Material: The material of the socks will depend on the occasion you intend to use them for.

    For example, people wear cotton socks as casual wear, but these are not recommended as sportswear.

    Synthetic socks provide great stretch but hold moisture and lead to foot problems. Wool wicks away moisture and has insulating properties but is difficult to wear in summer.

    Your requirements and usage will define the fabric you would like to choose from.

  • Thickness: One can't wear thick socks for the office in summer. Or wear dress socks for hiking or cycling.

    Understanding your needs will help you define the thickness needed from your socks. For adventure sports or gymming, you must have high-density cushioning. For casual outings, you'll want lightweight socks that keep your feet dry and fresh.

  • Height: This is up to your preference and style. As long as you don't choose loafer socks for hiking or thick crew socks for parties. Remember, your socks choice depends on the occasion, so choose wisely.

Socks fabric options

There are various kinds of fabrics available in the market and most socks are made from a combination of materials.

  • Cotton: A popular choice for the summer, cotton is a soft and comfortable fabric. It is lightweight and strong, but expensive. It is often mixed with polyesters to give the fabric elasticity and durability.

    Cotton socks are fine for casual or formal outings, but they aren't cut out for sports. Cotton fiber socks hold moisture and odour, which lead to blisters and the growth of fungus on your feet.

  • Wool: Wool socks are everybody's favorite during the winter, as they keep your feet warm. Wool is breathable, water-resistant, and comfortable to wear.

    However, low-quality wool socks tend to be itchy and uncomfortable and can give skin rashes, and also hold more moisture and odour than cotton.

  • Synthetics: Nylon and polyester are two famous types of synthetics available in the market. They absorb moisture, dry fast, and keep the feet fresh. These properties of synthetics make them ideal for everyday use.

    Furthermore, synthetic socks provide a good stretch. This is the reason synthetic material is mixed with cotton or wool. However, synthetic socks hold moisture, which can lead to the growth of fungus and cause odor.

  • Silk: Silk fiber socks are soft, smooth, and moisture-absorbing. They also have insulating properties, which make them useful for winter.

    The biggest cons with silk are that it is expensive and needs excessive care, and the delicate material is difficult to clean.

Our must-have socks fabric recommendation

Bamboo socks top our recommendation charts.

They have many advantages:

  • Softness: Bamboo fiber socks are super soft and feel like silk. Their soft texture makes them suitable for people with sensitive skin, old people, and young children.

  • Prevents moisture: Bamboo has super-absorbent fiber that dries moisture from the feet, keeping it fresh and odorless. This moisture-wicking technology of bamboo makes bamboo socks easy to be worn as sportswear. As the feet remain dry and sweat-free, the chances of blisters also reduce.

  • Sustainability: Natural bamboo fiber socks are naturally grown and don't require fertilizers and pesticides. Bamboo has bamboo Kun which is a natural pest-repellent. Besides, bamboo is 100% is biodegradable.

  • Thermal regulation: Bamboo fiber has the property of regulating the body temperature and always keeping it at homeostasis. This means that bamboo socks keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • Keeps germs away: Bamboo Kun is a natural anti-microbial bio-agent that keeps pests and germs away. Furthermore, bamboo fiber wicks away moisture and keeps feet sweat-free. These properties help keep germs away and reduce the risk of fungal and bacterial infections of the feet and toenails.

Due to these properties, bamboo fiber socks can be worn any time, anywhere. It is useful for casual as well as sporting needs. Besides, they are easy to wash, lightweight, and keep your feet feeling fresh.

5 must-have socks from the TalkingSox collection

best of Talking Sox

The best of Talking Sox at your feet, literally. Photo credit Talking Sox

Sports Ankle Socks- Game On: Loafer socks For: Men and women

Size: Women's shoe size 5-10; Men's shoe size 7-10

Colors: Royal blue, Sky blue, Black, White, Grey, Orange, Yellow-Green, Yellow-Sky blue

Best for: Casual, travel, Gifts for Him and Her

These super comfortable, durable, lightweight, and invisible socks are the answer to everybody's prayers. They prevent blisters and keep your feet fresh and odorless.

Pair them with your favorite sneakers or loafers and you don't have to worry about anything.

Ankle socks

For: Men and women

Size: Women's shoe size 5-10; Men's shoe size 7-10

Colors: Sky blue, Black, White

Best for: Casual, travel, work, gifts

Presenting high-quality bamboo fiber socks with moisture-wicking technology. These socks prevent blisters and maintain the temperature of your feet.

Ideal for people with sensitive skin, these socks are super soft and don't cause skin rashes or allergies.

Choose your favorite color and make style statements.

Sports or trainer socks

For: Men and women

Size: Women's shoe size 5-10; Men's shoe size 7-10

Colors: Sky Blue, Pink

Best for: Sportswear, loungewear, training

These thick cushioned socks are designed to take care of your sport's needs. Our sports socks are curated with breathable mesh, heel cushion, and an anti-twisting mechanism.

The socks are designed to provide ankle support, like a crepe bandage, to enhance your performance and support your feet from sprains.

Crew socks

For: Men and women

Size: Women's shoe size 5-10; Men's shoe size 7-10

Colors: Multi-colored; various designs

Best for: Office wear, travel, gifts for men and women, casual, statement wear

Our statement wear collection is curated based on various themes and patterns. These socks designs are the perfect marriage of funky styling and formal wear.

These socks are sophisticated to be worn at work with breathable fiber and an anti-blister mechanism that protects your feet. For optimal comfort and durability, these socks have antibacterial properties that keep your feet dry and odorless.

Thick crew socks

For: Men and women

Size: Women's shoe size 5-10; Men's shoe size 7-10

Colors: Royal blue, Black

Best for: Adventure sports, trekking, cycling, hiking

Thick socks in crew length are your perfect companion for your hardcore sporting and adventures.

The socks have cushioned soles and padding throughout that protect your feet from sprains, bruises, and blisters. These comfortable socks are perfect to be worn under your hiking or trekking boots.

The bamboo fiber provides moisture absorption and protects feet from fungal infections. It also protects your feet from common problems like trench foot or extensor tendonitis.


Our must-have socks made from bamboo fiber material are versatile products and can be used for a wide range of outfits. Use them as sportswear, casual wear, or formal wear.

The socks are budget-friendly, sustainable, and funky in design. Sold in solid colors for men and women, you can choose the socks which work best for you.

Curated for sustainable fashion enthusiasts who care for comfort, design, and the environment.

Stay comfortable, stay eco-friendly!