Socks with Sandals: The Debate within the Fashion Industry

Fashion is your choice. After all, style is personal.

Your identity is closely tied into your spirit of sartorial adventure or inhibition. But, if you ask us, we believe that being comfortable transcends it all. That’s why, when the gossip mill runs, we take a polite and distant view from those who believe that crocs are a strict no-no.

But why divide the world into socks and sandals and never socks and sandals?

Here is our Talking Sox guide to styling socks and sandals with aplomb. Our secrets are safe with you. So, read on.


Some people love the crocs with socks trend and others just oppose it on the aesthetical ground.

Some claim that wearing socks with crocs ruins the aesthetic of the entire look. But people who are for the idea feel socks protect your feet from cold temperatures.

We are pro the idea of wearing socks with your crocs and we have our reasons. Let us explain why it is better to wear your crocs with socks.

Basic Idea behind Socks with Sandals

The preference of wearing your sandals with or without your socks is your taste and style. If you are one of those who can rock their socks without socks and not complain about foot problems, go for it. Your style is best expressed by who you are when you are comfortable with what you wear.

But if you aren’t one of those, then your personal decision is factored in for multiple reasons. Some of these reasons that you should consider are:

  • Style preference

  • Added shoe comfort

  • Protective layer between shoes and feet

  • Prevent feet odor issues

  • Prevent sun tans

  • Your feet do not feel cold

Socks bring too much to the table.

They are not just fashion accessories. They do give benefits and some of these above pointers need to be acknowledged before we entirely give up the idea of socks with sandals.

If you want to consider these aspects, you will have to wear socks with sandals.

Choose the setup that complements your entire outfit. If you think patterns are a little tricky, you can mix and match different colors for a more bold and stylish statement.

Factors to look for with Socks with Sandals:

Picking the right pair of socks is a vital judgment to make. Randomly selecting socks will do more harm than good. Some of the most important features to keep in mind before choosing the socks are:

  • Color: If you wish to portray your fashion statement, buy color-coordinated socks for your sandals.

  • Waterproof: Buy the latest water soaking technology socks that help in keeping your feet dry.

  • Comfort: Never wear uncomfortable socks. Do not ever wear uncomfortable socks. Socks are meant to provide you with comfort.

  • Design: You can always choose half socks or socks with no design or patterns on them. This will help you not get attention to your socks with sandals look.

  • Size: Buy socks that fit perfectly to your feet length. This will enhance your shoe comfort and experience.

  • Breathable: If you can, buy breathable socks. Crocs have tiny holes on them that help ventilate the air inside the shoes and socks.

What material to buy for Socks with Sandals?

  • Moisture-wicking: Use socks that provide you with moisture-wicking technology to provide you with a sweat-free experience. Moisture-wicking socks make sure your feet remain odorless and the chances of getting blisters also get reduced.

  • Waterproof: The only problem with crocs is that they have tiny holes on them that can make it difficult to keep your socks dry, in cases where you are around water or it’s raining. Buy waterproof socks so that you can enjoy your beach days happily without working about your socks getting wet.

  • Breathable: You need socks that allow your feet to breathe while you are walking or standing for long hours. The breathability of feet makes sure that your feet don’t get clamped, the feet are sweat-free and there are no chances of bacterial or fungal growth.

  • Compression socks: If you work or stand for long hours and wear crocs to give your feet comfort, try pairing your crocs with compression socks. Compression socks will give your feet a light squeeze to make sure the blood circulation is always steady. Besides, compression socks will help in problems such as varicose veins.

To read more about compression socks, go here.

What type of socks to wear with sandals?

Mostly people like to wear socks with sandals in a more understated way, just to get the benefits of the socks. But some people do want to make it a fashion statement.

If you are one of these, here are a few quick tips for wearing socks with sandals stylishly:

    • No show socks: Enjoy the comfort of socks without them being barely visible. Buy good quality no-show or loafer liner socks that have an anti-slip mechanism so that you do not have to worry about them falling off.

Buy premium quality bamboo fiber no-show socks here.

    • Crew socks: If you want to wear crew socks for keeping your feet warm and comfortable, pair them with long pants that will cover your socks.

Many celebrities have been seen carrying off this look perfectly.

Buy bamboo fiber crew socks here.

  • White socks: Wearing plain white socks with crocs is also quite a trendy fashion. Pair them with a pair of shorts or a skirt for an understated look.

  • Wool socks: From a styling angle, wear wool socks for your casual outdoor look. They will keep your feet warm and look good paired with crocs.

  • Knee-high socks: Wear long knee-high socks to give your crocs look a more elegant look. They look chic and long socks give you the comfort of wearing skirts, shorts or casual dresses for a more outdoor look.


People who must work long shifts have to wear crocs for comfort. But it is rather more comfortable to wear socks with them.

Socks provide an extra layer of protection to the feet, prevent the rubber sole of the crocs rub against your feet, and help keep your feet warm.

Besides, wearing socks with sandals is in fashion right now. Many supermodels and rappers across the globe have been spotted wearing them. Try pairing complimentary colors to make your style look cool.

In winter, socks and sandals help keep your feet warm and comfortable. Crocs have enough space in them, so pair them with thermal pair of socks that absorb moisture and provide breathability to your feet.