Sneaker Trends for your Wardrobe: A Guide

Love them or hate them, sneakers are here to stay. They are fun and comfortable. You can wear them with any outfit. Now, even boardrooms welcome them. Well, sneakerheads, it is your time to cop and drop your heart out.

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We can all thank Michael Jordan for the eponymous Air Jordans. As a vehicle of expression, sneakers have found their way into the hearts and the homes of several erstwhile segregated communities, who not only craved the magical stardom of the sports stars, but also used it as means of developing and celebrating a unique sense of community. For many kids who grew up in tough neighbourhoods, a pair of sneakers meant more than just shoes. It was their way of taking control.

Buoyed by the insanely successful hip hop culture, an item of sports footwear became part of the cultural lexicon. Today, sneakers still symbolise breaking the norm. As all sneakerheads will agree, it is not just about shoes, it is about who you are.

Why sneakers will always be in trend?

    • Comfort: Sneakers are very comfortable. Modern lifestyles place comfort at a much higher level, and sneakers can take you from day to night effortlessly.

Also, due to the pandemic and lockdowns, workplaces also adopted a more relaxed attitude towards office wear and the result is the hybrid work wardrobe. Casual is cool and the bosses are in sneakers and tee shirts! It truly is a brave new world. And, you know something is brewing when fashion houses like Gucci and Balenciaga have their eye on it.

Mostly designed for tennis and basketball, sneakers give you the cushion, comfort, and grip to keep you active and in high performance mode all day.

  • You cannot go wrong with sneakers: Designed for athletes, these shoes have both function and form. Therefore, most celebrities prefer to wear them for their off duty looks.

  • Cool factor: Nothing says cool better than a pair of sneakers.

Different sneakers for sneaker trends:

    • Dad Sneakers: Most commonly known as chunky sneakers, dad shoes are the most common and popular of sneakers right now. They are comfortable with an inch-high heel.

From IG stories to fashion runways, these chunky sneakers are redefining comfort shoes with formal clothing. Not that heels are out of fashion, but the post-covid world seems to be craving for fashionable comfort.

Our theory is that the chunky sneakers are here to bring the nineties vibe back. If you are a huge fan of the idea here are some of the best ways you can pair your chunky sneakers and look stylish:

    • Pair them with trousers: Went on a hunt for trousers and lost your way while looking for the perfect footwear? Look no further because your pants have found their best friend-the chunky shoes.

Wear them with big blazers, chic leather jackets, and crop tops. It is the union of 90s retro style and Gen-Z dapper.

      • Bermuda or Bike shorts: Pair your white/neutral color sneakers with cool/neutral color shorts and look dashing in your #ootd.

You can also pair your outfit with oversized hoodies and sweatshirts to create a comfortable, cool, and chic look.

      • Dresses or skirts: There is no straightforward way to say this, but whether you wear a satin dress or cotton skirt, there is going to be at least one way for you to pull off this look and rock the party! It is not just us, so many fashion models, stylists, celebrities, and IG influencers are recommending it.

You should keep the colors of the outfit and shoes in mind, the occasion/event, and the time of the day. A lot of things suddenly change once these things also come into the picture.

  • Tennis Sneakers: The tennis sneakers are not confined to tennis courts only. For non-players, tennis sneakers are about supporting soles, stability, and durability. Tennis sneakers are the easiest to pair with the current fashion trends. But some of our favorite trends are:

    • Jeans and T-shirts: Simple blue jeans and white t-shirts are the tried and tested outfits that can never go wrong with tennis sneakers. This is something you can wear in all seasons, and you have a wide variety of types of jeans to choose from- mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, white jeans, skinny jeans, and you can see where the list is going.

    • Leggings and tops: Leggings and tops or even oversized t-shirts are hands-down the most comfortable outfit. If you ask us, black leggings and a bright-colored t-shirt with white tennis sneakers would be our top recommendation.

    • Athleisure wear: This, we believe, is not a trend anymore. This is what everyone wears in 2022. Rock your yoga pants, running shorts, and joggers, and opt for a crop top, a half-zip hoodie, or a sweatshirt.

    • T-shirt dress: Choose a loose, short midi-length, and maxi-length t-shirt dress to pair with your tennis sneakers.

    • Jumpsuit: Like mid-length dresses, jumpsuits are fashionable, convenient and an outfit that can be used for many occasions.

  • Old-school sneakers: So many retro trends that have made some powerful comebacks. So, dig into your closet, pull out that vintage pair and get ready for a fashion blast from the past.


You should put down your flip-flops or sandals for a second. They are tempting but the sneaker buzz is around, especially as the weather starts getting nippy.

For all you sneakerheads out there, the current vibe is all about ultra-sporty sneakers dipped in colors and designs. Last season may have been dominated by classic white sneakers. But this season it is time to get bold.

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